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Great Non-Fiction Books for Kids

Do you have a non-fiction lover? Many kids (and grown-ups) prefer non-fiction to fiction - and that's great! Non-fiction readers have a huge selection to choose from to learn about the world. From science and gaming to self-esteem and true crime, there is something for every reader. Check out this list of new non-fiction for ages 9-12 at the Library or ask a librarian for more ideas!

12 Hacks to Boost Self-Esteem by Honor Head
Growing up is already tough, and today's kids are dealing with a lot: social media anxiety, cyberbullying, and climate change, in addition to more traditional worries like friendships, puberty, and schoolwork.

2023 Level Up: 100% Unofficial by Gamers for Gamers
Get ready for another awesome year of gaming with this ultimate guide to all of your favorite games, including a definitive list of the biggest games of the past year and the hottest new ones coming in 2023!

A Book, Too, Can Be a Star: The Story of Madeleine L'Engle and the Making of a Wrinkle in Time by Charlotte Jones Voiklis
When Madeleine L'Engle was very small, she marveled at the stars. They guided her throughout her life, making her feel part of a big and exciting world, even when she felt alone. They made her want to ask big questions-Why are we here? What is my place in the universe?-and let her imagination take flight. Books, too, were like stars-asking questions and proposing answers. Books kept Madeleine company, and soon, she began to write and share her own. But would other people see the wonder she found in the world?

An Atlas of Lost Kingdoms: Discover Mythical Lands, Lost Cities and Vanished Islands by Emily Hawkins
This is no ordinary atlas. This is a guide to the legendary lands once sought by explorers, from the sunken kingdom of Atlantis to the treasure-filled temples of El Dorado. Within these pages, you will discover lost cities, vanished islands and fantastical places from folklore. Blending myth, history, fact, and fantasy, this will be a journey like no other.

Curious Cases: True Crime for Kids - Hijinks, Heists, Mysteries, and More by Rebecca Valley
Introduce middle-grade readers to intriguing and exciting unsolved crimes, daring escapes, famous heists, and much more in this first-ever sleuthing book specifically for kids. Curious Cases: True Crime for Kids presents a slew of fascinating stories that are all age-appropriate, including the cold case of D.B. Cooper, the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum theft, the disappearance of Masterpiece the poodle, two brothers' cunning escape from Alcatraz, Sherlock Holmes and the fairy photographs, the real-life ghostbusters, and much more!

Kansas City Chiefs by Michael E Goodman
Approachable text and engaging photos highlight the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl wins and losses, plus sensational players associated with the team such as Patrick Mahomes

Killer Underwear Invasion! How to Spot Fake News, Disinformation & Conspiracy Theories by Elise Gravel
In this hilarious, yet fact-filled book, Elise Gravel uses her kid-friendly wit and quirky illustration style to break down what fake news is, why people spread it, and how to tell what is real and what isn't. And that's the truth!-

Let Me Play: The Story of Title IX, The Law That Changed the Future of Girls in America by Karen Blumenthal
Not long ago, people believed girls shouldn't play sports. That math and science courses were too difficult for them. That higher education should be left to the men. Nowadays, this may be hard to imagine, but it was only fifty years ago all of this changed with the introduction of the historical civil rights bill Title IX.

Memories and Life Lessons From the Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne
Mary Pope Osborne recalls memories and lessons from her childhood side-by-side with quotations from her bestselling Magic Tree House series.

Steve Spangler's Mind-Blowing Science Experiments for Kids and Their Families. by Steve Spangler
From a roaring fire tornado to a skateboard rocket, these experiments will have kids dropping their video games and TV remotes to experience real-world fun that educates as it entertains.

The Museum of Odd Body Leftovers: A Tour of Your Useless Parts, Flaws, and Other Weird Bits by Rachel Poliquin
This illustrated tour of our leftover body parts (like the appendix, or even goosebumps) introduces readers to the bizarre and fascinating science of evolution. Welcome to the weirdest museum you'll ever explore--the one inside your body.

Timelines of Science. by Smithsonian
Packed with fascinating facts, amazing images, and some seriously staggering science, this science history book shows how thousands of years of human endeavor have expanded our knowledge and shaped our lives.

You Got a Phone! (Now Read This Book) by Elizabeth Kandel Englander
This book is a fun and funny way for kids to learn about using smartphones safely, wisely, creatively, and constructively

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