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Explore the World with CultureGrams!

Written by Iggi, Republic Branch Library

Whether it’s for a school project or just to feed your imagination, CultureGrams Online has lots of information about countries around the world, states in the U.S. and provinces in Canada. The special CultureGrams Kids Edition is a user-friendly version for students in grades 3 through 5.

You can access CultureGrams by visiting the Library's research page and scrolling down to CultureGrams Kids Edition or CultureGrams Online. If you are at home, you will need to enter your library card number.

Start your adventure by taking a trip on CultureGrams Kids Edition. Choose a specific region, perhaps Africa. Then choose a specific area of Africa, such as Cameroon. When you click on "Cameroon" you’ll notice a sidebar on the left where you can learn about everything from Cameroon’s climate to its early inhabitants to its holidays. CultureGrams sorts information into easy-to-navigate menus so there’s no need to comb through general information to find the specific information you need. 

Use the drop-down menu on the top right of the page to move from Kids Edition to other CultureGrams options, such as the World Edition, States Edition or Provinces Edition. Each of these three provides more advanced information suitable for middle and high school students.

One of the best things about this site, especially for students, is the built-in citation generator that appears at the bottom of the page or in the top right corner of images and videos, making it easy to cite CultureGrams for educational projects.

Save and print certain pages, look at photos, listen to interviews, and more from the places you visit! If you prefer to just look for photos, flags, or even recipes, the top menu takes you directly to lists organized alphabetically by country. Try cooking a dish from a faraway place, or watching an interview of a resident from a country you don’t know much about.

Have fun exploring the world on your CultureGrams Online vacation!

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