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Ages 3-5


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Dream, My Child by  R. H Sin
Written from the perspective of parenthood with the intent to illustrate the beauty in rest. The wonderful exploration that exists within a dream and a baby's journey to get there. Dream, My Child is a modern lullaby that will spark the imagination of your little one.--
Fiona, It's Bedtime by  Richard Cowdrey
At the end of a busy day, Fiona the hippo wishes goodnight to all of her friends at the zoo.
Good Night, Alligator by Rebecca Van Slyke
Armed with her book of alligator facts, little alligator has several good reasons for avoiding bedtime: alligators don't brush their teeth. They don't wear pajamas. And most of all, they DO NOT go to bed.
Goodnight Little One by Margaret Wise Brown
Join animals from around the world, including a little monkey, some silly sheep, and an old black cat, as they end their busy days and close their eyes to sleep.
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
A little bunny bids goodnight to all the objects in his room before falling asleep.
Happy Dreams, Little Bunny by  Leah Hong
When Little Bunny is restless at bedtime, Mommy encourages him to imagine the adventures he will have in his dreams once he is asleep.
My Bed : Enchanting Ways to Fall Asleep Around the World by Rebecca Bond
Delightful rhymes and charming hand-stitched art celebrate the many ways we sleep across the world.
Salsa Lullaby by Jen Arena
Parents put their young daughter to sleep with the help of some music and dancing--|cProvided by publisher.
The Bedtime Book by Todd Parr
Animals are trying to fall asleep, but there are so many things to do before getting ready for bed!
The Best Bed for Me by  Gaia Cornwall
Mama and Mommy would like Sweet Pea to settle into bed, but it's not quite time. Even though the bed is fluffy, it's not as snuggly as curling up like a pig in the mud, or as spacious as sleeping in the wide ocean like a blue whale. After mimicking all the ways different animals rest, this little one concedes that a comfy bed, a soft pillow, and a good-night wish offer the best way to fall asleep after all.
The Froggies Do Not Want to Sleep by  Adam Gustavson
The froggies do not want to sleep and refuse to head to bed; they'd rather play their accordions, go for long drives in the country, or sing opera while shooting themselves out of cannons.
The Stack by  Vanessa Roeder
"Luna begins her stack with a single chair. But it's not quite tall enough. So she adds a stool, then some books ... and her bed ... and before she knows it, she's thrown a pile of plates, a bathtub (currently occupied), and a whale up there too ... Finally, after she flings ... bigger and wackier things into the stack ... she is able to reach into the sky for just what she wants: a star of her own to use as a night-light"-- Provided by publisher
Updated 11/30/2022