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Ages 3-5


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'Ohana Means Family by  Ilima Loomis
In this cumulative rhyme in the style of The House That Jack Built, a family celebrates Hawaii and its culture while serving poi at a luau.
A Crazy-Much Love by  Joy Jordan-Lake
How MUCH is the crazy-much love? This simple question is answered as two parents recount the journey of adopting their daughter and the many milestone moments that follow. From the child's first bath and first time riding a tricycle, all the way to her boarding that big yellow bus, the crazy-much love grows SO MUCH that it spills out the windows and busts down the doors. A warm, lyrical celebration of the deep love parents hold for their children, and a comforting message for kids about how there can be only one special YOU.
An ABC of Families by  Abbey Williams
Whether you have two dads, an adopted brother, three stepsisters, or divorced parents, every family is the perfect family. An ABC of Families present big concepts to the youngest of children, and celebrates all kinds of families, no matter what they look like. This is an introduction to families big and small, in all shapes and sizes, for everyone.
Between Us and Abuela : A Family Story From the Border by  Mitali Perkins
When Maria, Juan, and their mother go to the border between California and Mexico to visit their grandmother at Christmas, Maria must devise a way to get Juan's gift over the fence.
Family Reunion by  Chad Richardson
In this contemporary #OwnVoices tale, a boy is reluctant to go to his family reunion, which he's sure will be boring. Vivid, poetic language and rich illustrations bring readers along for the boy's emotional journey, as he ultimately finds himself enjoying the large and joyous gathering in spite of himself. This modern kid's-eye view depiction of a Black American extended family celebrates the importance of kinship and intergenerational ties.
Just Like a Mama by  Alice Faye Duncan
Carol Olivia Clementine wishes her parents did not live so far away, but Mama Rose provides a home, loves her, and cares for her just like a mother would.
Milo Imagines the World by  Matt de la Peña
While Milo and his sister travel to a detention center to visit their incarcerated mother, he observes strangers on the subway and draws what he imagines their lives to be.
Ruby's Reunion Day Dinner by  Angela Dalton
Inspired by the rich tradition of African American reunions, a multigenerational story follows the experiences of young Ruby, who helps loved ones prepare the foods they are bringing while trying to think of a signature dish of her own.
Saturdays Are for Stella by  Candy Wellins
George loves spending Saturdays with his grandmother, Stella. One day, Stella is gone and George is ready to cancel Saturdays--until a new addition to the family arrives and George finds a way to honor the memories of his beloved grandmother.
The Bear in My Family by  Maya Tatsukawa
It's not easy living with a bear, but one little boy learns that sometimes, a bear in the family can end up to be the best thing in the world.
The Day of Your Arrival by  Dolores (Children's author) Brown
An adoption story told from the point of view of two parents about the love they have for their adopted child.
The Heart of Mi Familia by  Carrie Lara
A bicultural child describes her visits to her grandma's house and her abuela's house, and how both sides of the family come together to celebrate her younger brother's birthday.
The Rice in the Pot Goes Round and Round by  Wendy Wan Long Shang
Presents a song set to the tune of The wheels on the bus, where a multigenerational family enjoys a culturally rich meal.
Three Squeezes by  Jason Pratt
Follow a father and his son from babyhood to baseball games to graduation and beyond in this loving saga about the unbreakable bond between generations.
Updated 12/14/2021