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Kidcasts: Podcasts by and for Kids

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Podcasts aren't just for adults! There are high-quality podcasts produced for, and in some cases by kids. Kids want to pursue their interests just like adults. Podcasts provide them with a chance to learn more about something they enjoy. Podcasts are a great way for kids to engage their other senses (without screens) and experience music, stories, science and news. For kids who struggle with reading, podcasts, like audiobooks, provide a new outlet. Finally, research shows that listening leads to better learning. A study conducted by the Audio Publishing Association showed that listening increases reading accuracy, improves comprehension and fluency and even increases motivation.

Check out some of our recommendations below. Visit the kidcast websites or search for them on iTunes, Soundcloud or Google Play. For more ideas about podcasts you and your kids might like, visit Zooglobble, a review source for children's music and podcasts.