Vol. II, No. 1, Summer 1988


OzarksWatch Society formed?


In a WatchNote on this page, we note that with this issue, OzarksWatch begins its second year of publication.

The expanded size, the large number of pictures, and the increasing mailing list means that, OzarksWatch is becoming more expensive to print and distribute. With the exception of a small grant to support Preservation Corner, received from the Historic Preservation Program of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the University is funding the entire costs of printing and mailing OzarksWatch. As these costs increase, it will be necessary for us to find the means for OzarksWatch to share in these costs.

There is an obvious way to do this -- set a subscription rate and charge people to receive OzarksWatch. This would help pay for the publication, but it would also have the effect of cutting down the number of people who now read OzarksWatch. We would much prefer to find a method that would permit OzarksWatch to be distributed rather freely, while at the same time raising some money to help with publication costs.

One possible method would have the advantage not only of producing some needed funds for OzarksWatch, but also of creating an association that would enable a number of us who share a common concern for this interesting, fragile and peculiar place we call the Ozarks, to share, among ourselves and with others, our knowledge, our resources, and our concerns.

This association could be called "The OzarksWatch Society."

The idea would be to build upon the already existing base of some 1600-plus readers of OzarksWatch to establish an organization that could, among other purposes:

-- Be an advocate for the Ozarks, but without embracing narrow special interest positions.

-- Be concerned with a number of issues affecting the region, including quality of life, environment, economy, society, preservation of history and heritage, and education.

-- Explore (and perhaps help influence) Ozarks futures from the context of the Ozarks present and past.

-- Plan ways of sharing our knowledge, ideas, and information with a broader audience.

There would be a modest cost to be a member of The OzarksWatch Society. A portion of the money raised would go to help support the publication OzarksWatch -- the remainder to support whatever activities the membership of the Society decides to promote.

This is a broad proposal presented in a sketchy form. But we wanted to get the idea for an OzarksWatch Society before you and to stimulate some thinking. If there is any support for the notion, we'll get a group of interested people together to do some careful planning.

Won't you write or call with your reactions and suggestions?


Copyright -- OzarksWatch

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