Vol. II, No. 3, Winter 1989

The OzarksWatch Society

This will be a regular column in OzarksWatch, reporting on news and activities regarding the Society.

More than 300 OzarksWatch readers became charter members of the Society. Although charter membership is closed, any reader of OzarksWatch is welcome to become part of what promises to be a most exciting venture. If you have not yet joined the OzarksWatch Society, please count this as a very special invitation to do so. The dues for 1989 are $10 for an individual, $12 for husband and wife.

Something that has delighted us has been the response not only from individuals, but also from organizations such as libraries, government agencies, businesses, and societies. We are pleased to see this institutional support and expression of interest in issues influencing the course of the Ozarks.

On the back page is an article outlining a Society-sponsored tour in the Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks. And the Society has applied to the Missouri Humanities Council for a grant to present three workshops (at Lamar, Ozark, and Van Buren, MO) on "Conducting Effective Oral History Interviews." If funded, these workshops will be presented in May and June of this year. Stay tuned.

Please share with us your ideas for activities you would like the Society to undertake. For instance, what would you think about the idea of a conference exploring the reasons for the population explosion in the Ozarks? Write us. We'll be glad to hear from you.


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