Vol. V, No. 2, Fall 1991

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About This Issue

By Robert Gilmore

p. 3


Portraits in Wood and Stone

By Donald R. Holliday

p. 4

Use It Up, Wear It Out,

Make It Do, or Do Without

By Ellen Gray Massey

p. 8

Missouri's Traditional Arts

Apprenticeship Program

By Dana Everts-Boehm

p. 10

Sheep-to-Shawl at Shiloh Museum

By Carolyn Reno

p. 12

The Modern Business of Crafts

By Terry Bloodworth

p. 14

In Search of Ozarks Crafts

By Sandy Primm

p. 18

Something For Everyone

Old Iron Works Days

By Robert Gilmore

p. 22


The Indian Springs Woolery

Avelene McCaul

By Phyllis Rossiter

p. 24

Tough Decisions

Paul Stock, Jr.

By Terry Bloodworth

p. 25

Hooked On Quilts

Dorothy Ennis

By Laynah Rogers

p. 26


The Rapture of a Poet

Pride and Pleasure in Crafting

By Phyllis Rossiter

p. 28

How I Carve Wooden Dough Bowls

By Bob Elgin

p. 30

Old-timers Recall Days When

Hills Were Flowing With Moonshine

By Andy Ostmeyer

p. 33

Making Do

Ozarks Ingenuity in Toolmaking

p. 36

Preservation Corner:

Stone Craft Architecture In The Southern Missouri Ozarks


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