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  1. When the book I wanted isn’t in at the library


  2. "It’s about finding the truth in fiction. "

    Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi (via bookaddict24-7)

  3. pflibteens:



    me walking into the library: ancient beast of wisdom, give me a book recommendation

    me opening the library app: baby offshoot of the ancient beast, give me a portable magic scroll

  4. The Most Basic Roadmap Through Your Novel with Ninja Writers


    Every year, we’re lucky to have great sponsors for our nonprofit events. Ninja Writers, a 2020 NaNo sponsor, is a writing community that helps you build a bridge between your imagination and your novel. Today, Ninja Writers creator Shaunta Grimes shares a helpful story structure to keep you on track with your writing:

    Imagine it’s the beginning of November and you’re starting an epic month-long road trip. You’re headed from California to New York City! You’ve got your car packed, your playlist loaded, the good snacks in the front seat. You’re ready to go.

    So, you pull out of your driveway and you start driving. You even manage to get going eastward, but you end up in Florida a month from now after winding all over the place between Canada and Mexico.

    Ah, right. You forgot your roadmap. 

    Starting NaNoWriMo with the spark of a story idea is like an epic road trip we take every November. The good news is, we don’t have to head off without a roadmap. There are five key plot points that every story has. (Yes. Even yours!) If you figure yours out for your story, you’ll have some guideposts to keep you headed in the right direction all month long (or to get back on track if you’ve gotten lost).

    Keep reading

  5. pflibteens:


    Me: *has so many books unread at home*

    Also me: I gotta go to the library.

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