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  1. pflibteens:


    I judge how good a book is based on how disoriented I am with my physical surroundings after closing it.

    five stars

  2. cheshirelibrary:

  3. On the next episode of Planet Book, author Daniel Handler, who often writes his books at public libraries, discusses the importance of scoring premium library seating then segues into a charming story about the unusual spot he used to keep his manuscripts.

    Don’t miss “Something Dangerous is Happening: A Conversation with Lemony Snicket,” premiering tomorrow, Jan. 27, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and thelibrary.org/planetbook.

  4. listentothestories:

    Cécile Hudrisier

  5. ebookfriendly:

    Make #reading a part of your world 😄 https://bit.ly/31M0wf5

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