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  2. Iggi from the Republic Branch recommends “The Taking of Jake Livingston” by Ryan Douglass. “This slim teen novel feels light, but it punches well above its weight class. Jake Livingston can see both the living world and the dead one, which makes his life a constant barrage of strangeness. Ryan Douglass’s writing does an excellent job leaving the reader in Jake’s disoriented shoes, never quite knowing what’s real and what’s a vision from the past. When the ghost of a high school shooter starts wreaking havoc on the living world, Jake gets drawn into his web of violence and despair."  Find this book at the Library:  https://bit.ly/3gLtEdu

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  4. The holidays can be a difficult time and the Library is here to help! Beginning today, we’re launching a series to show you how you can use the Library to make your life a little easier during the holidays. We’re calling it Holiday Hacks: Library Edition. Follow along through Facebook, Instagram and our website to see how you can use the Library to save time and money this holiday season!

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