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Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award

The Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award is awarded by the Children's Services Round Table of the Missouri Library Association. This award is designed to encourage reading aloud to children from birth through kindergarten age.

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Press Here
Press Here by Herve Tullet
Readers enjoy interacting with the illustrations to create imaginative images.

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow
Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow by Susan A. Shea
Poses rhyming questions on folded pages about what grows and what doesn't.

Dog in Boots
Dog in Boots by Greg Gormley
After reading "Puss in Boots," an adventurous dog sets out to find the perfect pair of shoes to suit his every need.

Hugless Douglas
Hugless Douglas by David Melling
Douglas the bear wakes up one morning wanting a hug. He unsuccesffully tries hugging a rock, a tall tree, and an odd-feeling bush that runs away. Won't anyone give him a hug?

I Spy With My Little Eye
I Spy With My Little Eye by Edward Gibbs
Peeking through the pages, children will be able to spot a different colored animal every time, and guess what it is using a simple, factual clue. Bold illustrations and die-cut holes will absorb young readers as they learn about colors and animal names.

If You're Hoppy
If You're Hoppy by April Pulley Sayre
In rhyming text reminiscent of the traditional song, "If you're happy and you know it," presents various animals that are hoppy, sloppy, growly, flappy, or slimy, scaly and mean.

Is Everyone Ready for Fun?
Is Everyone Ready for Fun? by Jan Thomas
Chicken's cow visitors try to jump, dance, and wiggle on his couch, which is much too tiny for such exuberant activities.Lexile- 120L

Mitchell's License
Mitchell's License by Hallie Durand
Mitchell never wants to go to bed until, at the age of three years, nine months, and five days he gets his license so that he can drive there--at least until he and the car have a disagreement about what fuel goes in the tank.

Rrralph by Lois Ehlert
The narrator describes discovering how Ralph the dog can talk, appropriately saying words such as "roof," "rough," "bark," and "wolf."

The Wonderful Book
The Wonderful Book by Leonid Gore
When various forest animals discover a mysterious object in the woods, they each use it for a different purpose, until a boy reads stories aloud from it, much to the animals' delight.