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Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award

The Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award is awarded by the Children's Services Round Table of the Missouri Library Association. This award is designed to encourage reading aloud to children from birth through kindergarten age.

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2022 Winner

Wolfboy by  Andy Harkness
Wolfboy is very hungry, and as he seeks rabbits he becomes growly, drooly, and more, until finally his stomach is filled, with a little help from his friends.

2023 Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award Nominees

Don't Eat Bees : (Life Lessons From Chip the Dog)
Don't Eat Bees : (Life Lessons From Chip the Dog) by Dev Petty
Are you a dog in need of advice? Fear not: Chip the dog is ON IT in this super-silly guide to living your best canine life. Chip is seven; he knows things. Like what to eat (important papers, the fancy bird the humans cooked for the fancy dinner, Grandpa's teeth), and what not to eat (bees). He won't get those mixed up, will he?
I'm a Unicorn
I'm a Unicorn by  Helen Yoon
Who doesn't love unicorns? Meet a young calf who is convinced she's a unicorn-she only has one horn after all. This is a hilarious and charming tale of believing in yourself that is sure to leave everyone smiling.
I'm Terrified of Bath Time
I'm Terrified of Bath Time by  Simon Rich
A bathtub, who is just as terrified of bath time as the little girl who bathes in him, offers suggestions on how to make the experience better for both of them.
Lou by  Breanna Carzoo
Meet Lou. Lou has an important job . . . as the neighborhood toilet for dogs on their walks. Useful as he may be, he gets the feeling that deep down inside, there might be more to him than that. He just doesn't seem to know exactly what yet. When disaster strikes, will Lou find out what he's made of and save the day?
Mel Fell
Mel Fell by  Corey R Tabor
...follow Mel on her journey from downward fall to triumphant flight in this tale of self-confidence and taking a leap of faith.
One Sheep, Two Sheep
One Sheep, Two Sheep by Tammi Sauer Illustrated by  Troy Cummings
Rooster is trying to count sheep but keeps getting interrupted by all of the animals on the farm. They're ruffling his feathers-and they don't look the slightest bit sheepish!
People Are Wild
People Are Wild by  Margaux Meganck
Baby animals observe the strange habits of children.
Shhh! The Baby's Asleep
Shhh! The Baby's Asleep by  JaNay Brown-Wood
Baby is finally asleep, and Mama is trying to shush the rest of the family, but when they are all finally quiet baby wakes up--and it is up to big brother Dante to find the right book to read so everyone can get some rest.
The Book of Rules
The Book of Rules by  Brian Gehrlein
Presents a series of rules the reader must follow to avoid being eaten by Dennis the monster, including sitting on the floor crisscross-applesauce, making a fish face, and preparing to listen mindfully.