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Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award

The Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award is awarded by the Children's Services Round Table of the Missouri Library Association. This award is designed to encourage reading aloud to children from birth through kindergarten age.

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2018 Winner

Pug Meets Pig
Pug Meets Pig by Sue Lowell Gallion Illustrated by  Joyce Wan
Pug is happy at home until Pig arrives, when he must share his bowl, his yard, and even his bed, but just as Pug is packing his belongings to leave things change for the better.

2019 Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award Nominees

A Perfect Day
A Perfect Day by Lane Smith
A perfect day means different things to different animals in Bert's backyard-- Provided by publisher.
Beware the Monster
Beware the Monster by  MichaĆ«l Escoffier
In this book, young children are introduced to a ravenous monster that eats everything in its path. Apples, leaves, trees, and even cows don't stand a chance as he ploughs his way through the woods satisfying his enormous appetite. Who will his next victim be? Be careful! His favourite dish is little children! But don't worry. The surprise ending will make children sigh with relief--and laugh out loud.-- Provided by publisher.
Can I Be Your Dog?
Can I Be Your Dog? by Troy Cummings
A dog looking for a home sends letters to prospective owners on Butternut Street, with surprising results.
Cookiesaurus Rex
Cookiesaurus Rex by  Amy Fellner Dominy
Not satsified with his green frosting and little hat, a cookie shaped like a dinosaur demands to be redecorated.
Crunch, the Shy Dinosaur
Crunch, the Shy Dinosaur by  Cirocco Dunlap
"Advises the reader on how to interact with a very shy dinosaur."
Eat Pete!
Eat Pete! by Michael Rex
When a hungry monster appears outside Pete's window, it is not for a play date, but soon the two are racing toy cars, playing pirate, and more -- Provided by Publisher.
Hello Hello
Hello Hello by Brendan Wenzel
In simple text a set of animals, each one linked to the previous one by some trait of shape, color, or pattern, greet and interact with one another.
I Just Ate My Friend
I Just Ate My Friend by  Heidi McKinnon
Having eaten his only friend, a monster seeks a new companion but each creature he meets has a good reason not to serve as a replacement. ________ First published in Australia in 2017 by Allen & Unwin--Title page verso.
The Rabbit Listened
The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld
When Taylor's block castle is destroyed, all the animals think they know just what to do, but only the rabbit quietly listens to how Taylor is feeling.
Where Is Bear?
Where Is Bear? by  Jonathan Bentley
A little boy and his best friend - an actual bear - go on a search for a teddy bear before bedtime