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Show Me Readers Award

Each year, Missouri schoolchildren in grades 1-3 vote for their favorite book from a list of nominated titles. The Show Me Readers Award is awarded to the author of this book by the Missouri Association of School Librarians.

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Show Me Readers Nominees 2024-2025

Acorn Was a Little Wild
Acorn Was a Little Wild by Jen Arena Illustrated by  Jessica Gibson
Acorn is the first one off the tree, longing for adventure and new experiences (though maybe not being eaten), but when a squirrel buries Acorn he is forced to stay still in the dark until the exciting changes begin, and he grows into a mighty oak--though at heart he is still a little wild.
Creepy Crayon!
Creepy Crayon! by Aaron Reynolds Illustrated by Peter Brown
When Jasper Rabbit finds a purple crayon willing to do his schoolwork for him, he is elated--at first.
Every Dog in the Neighborhood
Every Dog in the Neighborhood by Philip Christian Stead Illustrated by  Matthew Cordell
Louis and his eccentric Grandmother set out to count every dog in the neighborhood when they find out about city hall's woefully inadequate record keeping.
Hamsters Make Terrible Roommates
Hamsters Make Terrible Roommates by  Cheryl B. Klein Illustrated by  Abhi Alwar
Henry is desperate for a little peace and quiet from his extremely chatty roommate Marvin, and after Henry finally loses his cool, these hamsters must find ways to compromise and live together.
Pink Is Not a Color
Pink Is Not a Color by  Lindsay Ward Illustrated by  Lindsay Ward
Pink loves her rosy world, from her pink toy dinosaur to her pet flamingo, Phil. But when she sees the Primaries and Secondaries getting ready for the Rainbow Extravaganza, she begins to wonder why she isn't in the rainbow--and if that means she's not really a color. Then she meets the Tints, and she's even more confused. Luckily, a friend shows her the many ways she spreads joy--reminding Pink that she is truly one of a kind, rainbow or not. Featuring the world of colors introduced in This Book Is Gray--and a few new color concepts--this is a tale about appreciating who you are and realizing that only you can decide what makes you happy.
Rick the Rock of Room 214
Rick the Rock of Room 214 by Julie Falatko Illustrated by  Ruth Chan
Tired of sitting all day on the Nature Finds shelf in Room 214, a rock named Rick escapes the classroom for the great outdoors, only to discover that sometimes the greatest adventure in life is friendship.
The Library Fish
The Library Fish by  Alyssa Satin Capucilli Illustrated by  Gladys Jose
When Mr. Hughes finds a fish all alone in the library and names her Library Fish, she knows she's found her true home. Library Fish makes friends in the library and on the bookmobile, checks that books are returned, and absolutely loves story time when she can listen to all kinds of stories and poems, meet unforgettable characters, and travel around the world and even to other planets! But one day, everything outside is covered in snow and no one comes to the library. Will Library Fish be brave enough to venture outside her fishbowl for the very first time and explore the library she calls home?
Yetis Are the Worst!
Yetis Are the Worst! by  Alex Willan Illustrated by  Alex Willan
Gilbert the Goblin is convinced yetis are not nearly as mysterious as they seem, and sets off to find one to prove once and for all that Goblins are just as cool and mysterious as the elusive yeti.