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Show Me Readers Award

Each year, Missouri schoolchildren in grades 1-3 vote for their favorite book from a list of nominated titles. The Show Me Readers Award is awarded to the author of this book by the Missouri Association of School Librarians.

Find these books and more online at

2020 Winner

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors
The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt
You've played the game. Now read the legend of how it all began...rock, paper, and scissors.

Show Me Readers Nominees 2020-2021

A Place for Pluto
A Place for Pluto by  Stef Wade
Shocked to be stripped of his planet status, Pluto goes on a quest to find his place in the universe. Includes educational materials.
DOLL-E 1.0
DOLL-E 1.0 by  Shanda McCloskey
Charlotte has a talent for anything technological, so when she receives a doll as a present, she upgrades it with a few spare parts and some code to create a new and improved friend.
Friends Stick Together
Friends Stick Together by  Hannah E Harrison
When a loud-mouthed tickbird lands on Mortimer the rhino's nose and starts a symbiotic relationship, the reserved Mortimer is mortified, until he realizes they just might be the perfect pair.
Giraffe Problems
Giraffe Problems by Jory John
A giraffe struggles to feel comfortable with his neck-- Provided by publisher.
Love, Z
Love, Z by  Jessie Sima
A little robot named Z finds a message in a bottle signed, Love, Beatrice and, unable to learn what love is from other robots, sets out on a quest to find the answer.
Max Explains Everything : Grocery Store Expert
Max Explains Everything : Grocery Store Expert by Stacy McAnulty
From choosing the perfect cart to navigating the produce section, expert extraordinaire Max explains all there is to know about going to the grocery store--|cProvided by publisher.
Natsumi! by  Susan Lendroth
The festival of traditional Japanese arts is coming up, and little Natsumi's big personality is too much for her family's quieter traditions, until her grandfather introduces her to taiko drumming.
The Epic Adventures of Huggie & Stick
The Epic Adventures of Huggie & Stick by Drew Daywalt
When a grumpy stuffed bunny and a happy-go-lucky stick fall out of their boy's backpack, they embark on an odyssey that takes them all around the world, experiencing one crazy adventure after another.
The Remember Balloons
The Remember Balloons by  Jessie Oliveros Illustrated by  Dana Wulfekotte
James has a bunch of balloons, each of which holds a special memory, but as his grandfather ages and loses his own balloons, James discovers that he is gaining new ones.
We Don't Eat Our Classmates!
We Don't Eat Our Classmates! by Ryan T Higgins
When the class pet bites the finger of Penelope, a tyrannosaurus rex, she finally understands why she should not eat her classmates, no matter how tasty they are.