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Show Me Readers Award

Each year, Missouri schoolchildren in grades 1-3 vote for their favorite book from a list of nominated titles. The Show Me Readers Award is awarded to the author of this book by the Missouri Association of School Librarians.

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2023 Winner

Scaredy Snacks!
Scaredy Snacks! by Terry Border
It's cleaning day in the snack cabinet and Cheese Doodle, Pretzel, and Sprinkles are hard at work. When the food friends learn that someone has moved in next door, though, they make like bananas and split to go meet their new neighbor. But when their knock not only goes unanswered, but also opens the door to Dr. Nuttenstein's house with a creeeeak, what they find inside leaves them as shaken as if they'd been placed in a blender.

Show Me Readers Nominees 2023-2024

A Walk in the Words
A Walk in the Words by Hudson Talbott Illustrated by  Hudson Talbott
Through a story from his childhood, Hudson Talbott shares the challenges--and ultimately the rewards--of being a non-mainstream kind of learner.
Be Strong
Be Strong by Pat Zietlow Miller Illustrated by  Jen Hill
Not strong enough to ascend the climbing wall at school, a discouraged child returns home and learns that there are other ways to be strong, from not giving up when working for a good cause or learning a new skill to making sure that no one sits alone in the lunchroom.
Hugo and the Impossible Thing
Hugo and the Impossible Thing by  RenĂ©e Felice Smith Illustrated by  Sydney Hanson
All the forest animals know it is impossible to make it through the Impossible Thing, but a small dog named Hugo is determined to try, inspiring hope in his friends.
I Eat Poop.: A Dung Beetle Story
I Eat Poop.: A Dung Beetle Story by  Mark Pett
Dougie has a secret: he's not a ground beetle. He's a dung beetle, and he loves eating poop. Dougie knows he should be proud. Dung beetles help process waste and do other extraordinary things! But Dougie also knows that if anyone at school saw his lunch, he'd be an outcast.
Invasion of the Unicorns
Invasion of the Unicorns by David Biedrzycki
Special Agent Bubble07 is undercover on planet Earth. His mission is to decide whether his team of alien unicorns should invade Earth. Posing as a stuffed animal, he infiltrates the home of Earthling Daughter, where he puts up with dog slobber, tea parties, and show and tell. Will the unicorn blow his cover and call for backup? Or will his alien heart be won over by storytime, snow days, and snuggles?
Negative Cat
Negative Cat by  Sophie Blackall Illustrated by Sophie Blackall
Max isn't a typical cat, but his loving owner still sees the best in him.
Norman Didn't Do It! : (Yes, He did.)
Norman Didn't Do It! : (Yes, He did.) by Ryan T Higgins Illustrated by  Ryan T. Higgins
Norman, a porcupine whose best friend is a tree named Mildred, begins to feel jealous when another tree grows close to Mildred and acts out against the new tree.
Thankful by  Elaine Vickers Illustrated by  Samantha Cotterill
When the first snow falls, a girl writes on strips of paper what she is thankful for, from a safe and warm home to wishes come true, as her family makes a Thankful Chain.
The Bruce Swap
The Bruce Swap by Ryan T Higgins Illustrated by  Ryan T Higgins
Bruce the bear's family wishes he were less grumpy, but when his cousin Kevin arrives for a visit, he brings more fun than they ever wanted.
What Can You Do With a Rock?
What Can You Do With a Rock? by Pat Zietlow Miller Illustrated by  Katie Kath
What can you do with a rock? You can skip them. You can sort them. Best of all, you can share them.