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(previous page) increase within the last three years. They have, in buildings, grounds, machinery, stocks and cash, an investment of $40,000; employ 75 men; have a superior mechanical equipment; and, like the wagon company, are on the tracks of both railway systems, over which they ship dressed lumber, doors, blinds, sash, mouldings, stairs, balusters, newels, stair railing, pews, pew ends, mantels, frames, rough lumber, laths, shingles, store counters, shelving, scroll sawing, turnings, brackets, flooring, ceiling, weather boarding and kindred stocks of their own manufacture, well over Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. The rapid growth of their business is due alike to the general prosperity of the city, its fortunate location, and the admirable business management which has carried their sales far beyond the bounds of what is recognized as tributary country. They are a strong, advancing firm; believe the city will have 50,000 people in less than five years; and expect a corresponding growth in their own business. THE OLD COON TOBACCO WORKS founded by Geo. H. McCann in 1867, and now owned and operated by Geo. H. McCann & Co., have made remarkable advancement within that period, and perhaps better than any other local concern, have demonstrated the feasibility of carrying the trade of Springfield all over the South and West. Ten years ago they manufactured 6,690 pounds of tobacco in a single year, and last year consumed 250,000 pounds in the manufacture of their well-known brands of smoking and plug tobaccos, which find a ready sale all the way from the Ohio River to the Pacific Ocean. They have $75,000 invested in their business, which includes a handsome building and superb equipage valued at $35,000. They employ 55 men in the factory, keep a good force of men on the road, and will this year carry their sales up to $300,000, and fill orders from not less than twenty states and territories.

Their own goods rank with the best in the American market, and they have a large jobbing trade in all kinds of tobaccos and smokers goods—a trade which for the last few years has increased at the rate of 50 per cent. per annum. Mr. Geo. H. McCann, the founder of the house, and one of the most popular and successful business men of the city, Messrs. W. C. Booth, John Lodge, Isaac Howe and G. B. McMerrick, the owners and active workers of the concern, are masters in their several departments, and are carrying both their mercantile and manufacturing work to a splendid issue. The factory is a model of substantial construction, convenience, fine equipage, methodical and economic management, and like the other industries named, is highly creditable to its managers and the city. THE SOUTHWESTERN CIGAR FACTORY, owned and operated by F. A. Heacker, an old and accomplished tobacconist, employs a dozen hands in the manufacture of popular brands of cigars, among which are the Big Heacker, Little Heacker, Heacker’s Cyclone, Idy & Lilly, Star of Springfield, and other well-known brands, which find a ready sale in the Southwest. Mr. Heacker reports a steady improvement in his business, which is conducted with decided ability and enterprise. There are seven cigar factories in the city, with a total investment of $25,000, and a yearly trade of $80,600, in which thirty-six hands are employed. THE SPRINGFIELD WHITE LIME CO., organized in 1884, with a single kiln, have now a plant worth $30,000, and with their four kilns have a yearly out-put of 40,000 barrels. They employ 45 hands and a good number of teams, and besides supplying the local trade, ship their product well over Southwest Missouri and Kansas, reaching Kansas City, St. Joseph, Atchison and Colorado. They also handle cement, plaster, hair, fire bricks and kindred stocks, and report a yearly trade of $55,000. Their works are located on the tracks of the Gulf and Frisco roads and embrace all the improved modern appliances for the profitable conduct of the business. The limestones used by this company show by careful analysis, 99.5 per cent. of pure carbonate of lime, and on the testimony of so good an authority as R. Chauvenet & Bro., analytical chemists of high repute, their white lime is the purest ever examined by these well-known experts. The officers of the company, Messrs. Jas. H. Smith and ex-mayor J. S. Atkinson, respectively President and Secretary and Treasurer, are gentlemen of sterling enterprise, and speak hopefully of the outlook for this important branch of business. There are several other plants in the city and neighborhood, from which I have no data. THE SPRINGFIELD LUMBER and Cooperage Co., with a capital stock of $60,000, have extensive works on the tracks of the two roads, and with a force of 75 hands do a yearly business of $200,000, in barrels, staves, heading, hardwood lumber, bridge timber, fence posts, wagon felloes and kindred stocks, and report a rapidly growing trade in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Arkansas.

Three foundries and machine shops, with a combined force of 100 hands, report a total business of $112,000, for 1888. No estimate of capital invested.

The estimated out-put of four brick-yards for 1888, was 5,500,000 bricks. Reports of sales and amount invested too incomplete for publication.

The Board of Trade report on pork-packing for 1888, gives an exhibit of one packing house with a business of $200,000.

The coffee and spice mills report a business of $30,000, for the last year, ending Dec. 31st. A marked increase over the former years.

A dozen bakers and confectioners have $12,300 invested. and, with the aid of 30 hands, do a yearly business of $77,000.

Two saddlery and harness establishments have $16,000 invested, and with 15 hands employed, manufacture and sell $50,000 worth of goods.

The only brewery in the city has a $15,000 out-put, and employs six hands. A single dealer (next page)

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