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(previous page) on Campbell, Lena and Main Streets, and other plats of large frontage on St. Louis, Cherry, Elm and Market Streets. The properties last mentioned as within the city limits, are already improved with many fine houses and like the outlying farm lands, abound in beautiful building sites, more or less enhanced in value and attractiveness by charming groves of native timber. Fortunately this noble estate, which is all available for city extension, is represented by Col. Jno. E. Phelps and Col. Ben. U. Massey, two public spirited and progressive men, both largely identified with the growth of the town, and will be thrown open to settlement as the city advances this popular quarter. Along THE EAST SIDE, in another high and attractive district, are some fine tracts now available for purchase and improvement, among them some handsome properties along South Walnut, Elm, St. Louis and other popular avenues, owned by Col. Ben. U. Masser, a man always ready to sell when the interests of the city are involved. Further eastward, square against the south centre of the city, near to the beautiful campus of Drury College, is Wooley Porter and Hubbell’s 160 acre BOULEVARD ADDITION, another handsome tract, fronting the northern extension of the National Boulevard. It is a natural park, largely covered with forest, abounding in fine building sites and is already improved with half a hundred pretty homes. On this addition, too, is located the mammoth new works of the Springfield Car and Foundry Co., and the wholesale yards of the Taber Lumber Co. These enterprising and public spirited gentlemen, also own Wooley, Porter & Hubble’s first addition on the north side, a pretty wild-wood tract of twenty acres adjoining Woodland Heights, and which is fast improving with tasteful homes. They have also subdivisions north of the Springfield Wagon Works and in the heart of the city, hard by the site of the new government building. They are live men who take hold of every good public enterprise that will advance the city. The EDGEWOOD PARK ADDITION of sixteen acres in the southwest quarter of the city, is another delightful wooded tract recently platted by Col. Dan. C. Kennedy and Dr. Rienhoff, which is nicely improved with streets and being rapidly settled. Both are live, progressive men, ready at the drop of the hat to do anything for the growth of the city. Ramsey & Otterson have recently placed on the market the beautiful 140 acre WOODLAND HEIGHTS ADDITION which is already adorned with nearly 100 homes, among which are some of the finest in the city. It lies in the northwest part of the town, fronting on Commercial Street, is the highest ground within the city limits, and with its pretty groves and finely laid streets and avenues, is bound to be a favorite and popular residence quarter. These enterprising and public spirited gentlemen, have also a large interest in PROSPECT PLACE ADDITION, a new and finely improved quarter, near the Frisco shops, and report decided activity in building on both properties. Mr. G. A. Ramsey, of this firm, who is secretary of the Scott Investment Co., and has contributed not a little to recent success of that corporation, is also secretary and manager of the Springfield Real Estate Association, which is doing splendid work for the advancement of the city. Both are active and influential workers for every good public enterprise, and are pushing things on the north side with commendable vigor. Another live and progressive north side firm, who are always ready to further every deserving public enterprise with characteristic energy, is A. W. and Chas. P. Ollis, of the well known real estate and loan firm of A. W. Ollis & Co., who own the OLLIS BROS. WOODLAND HEIGHTS ADDITION, a beautiful wooded elevation in the north part of the city, recently platted. Its streets and avenues are well graded, and like its handsome prototype, above named, it will soon enough become a most inviting residence quarter, as lots are only sold to parties who will finely improve them. Mr. A. W. Ollis is president of the Merchants Exchange, an organization that is now doing more than any other in the city to attract the attention of immigrants and capital to its manifold advantages, and is one of its strongest workers. Mr. Robert G. Campbell, a well known real estate lawyer and a gentleman of marked enterprise and public spirit, has lately platted CAMPBELL’S WOODLAND HEIGHTS ADDITION, a fine thirty-eight acre tract on the heights in the northwest part of the city, and is converting it into a veritable park, in which the new home-builders will have all the advantages of dwellers in the other “Woodland Heights” additions. Like the other gentlemen interested in this charming wild-wood district, Mr. Campbell is working with enthusiasm for the best class of settlers and improvements, and has in himself and the enterprise, the elements of success. Near by these last named, in the northwest quarter of the city, OZARK HEIGHTS ADDITION, a noble eighty-five acre tract, at the west end of Commercial Street, which Mr. John H Bouslog and associates have recently platted, and on which a good number of nice homes are already completed and occupied. The addition embraces a fine old orchard and some beautiful groves and is rapidly selling to home builders. Col. Bouslog also owns RICHARDSON’S ADDITION on Centre Street, just south of Drury College—a charming quarter—and has the handling of NETTLETON’S ADDITION, a valuable tract adjoining the Gulf shops and owned by the Gulf railway people. It was only recently platted, and is selling rapidly to shop men. Col. Bouslog is a “rustler;” has great confidence in the future of the city; and reports building active in all his additions. (next page)

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