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(previous page) FAIRMOUNT ADDITION of eighty-eight acres, covered with fine young timber, and its high, clean grounds offer especially inviting locations for suburban homes. Several fine residences are built and under way here, and the new Calhoun Avenue street car line will soon bring all of these three last-named additions into prominence. The owners of Englewood and Fairmount are determined and spirited pushers; have great faith in the city; and by the close of the season will have these additions well covered with pretty homes. The WALNUT STREET ADDITION of thirty-six acres, just west of the Gulf shops, on the fine easterly exposure overlooking the city, has recently been platted by Dr. G. S. Catlin and his friends, Cox, Burke, Ross, Heckart, Smith and Morrow, and is reported selling quite rapidly for building purposes. The owners are all live men, and are very likely to close out this finely located addition by the end of the year. Dr. Catlin is also the owner of CATLIN’S THIRD ADDITION on East Walnut Street—an eligible and inviting property only lately platted—and has quite recently closed out the first and second additions bearing his name, also the Catlin & Rathbun and Catlin & MacElhaney additions. He is a man of restless and restless personal and public enterprise, and a strong worker for city extension, Dr. Catlin is associated with C. E. Cox, another enterprising rustler, under the name of G. S. Catlin & Co., who report business and building active within their bailiwick.

Milner, Abbott & Minard’s addition of fifty-five acres, in the southwest quarter of the city, was platted and finely improved with streets, walks, fences and shade trees last December, and has since been further enhanced with a good many pretty times. It is one of the finest of the newer additions, and lies in a well improved neighborhood, all of which has been built up in the last two years. Mr. A. J. Minard, part owner and manager of this property, has also the agency of CHAMBERLAIN’S ADDITION, another very desirable property of fifteen acres in the eastern part of the city, and fronting on Walnut, Elm and Cherry Streets. This tract was platted last year, and makes a very fine showing of attractive homes. Mr. Minard is a gentleman of sterling energy and public enterprise, always found in the front rank of workers for the city, and has great faith in its future.

Mr. J. M. Kelley, the well known abstractor of titles,and the owner of the beautiful ten acre WILD ROSE ADDITION in the southwest part of the city, will soon place this property on the market for partition into building lots. It is now covered with a splendid peach, plum and cherry orchard yielding a revenue of more than $2,000, and will make attractive quarters for home builders. Mr. Kelley is one of the sterling men of the city, and pronounces it the center of the finest fruit region in the union.

Mr. J. B. Dixon has the management of FOREST HILL ADDITION, a sixty acre tract occupying commanding ground on the west side, just beyond the Gulf shops. It has many advantages of location, abounds in shade trees amid sightly situations, and in the hands of a man of Mr. Dixon’s well known alility and enterprise, will soon be well dotted with the new homes of incoming workers of the Gulf shops. Messrs. A. M. Haswell & Co. have control of the GREEN HILL ADDITION in the northwest part of the city, on the projected motor line, and which, like all this woddland district, is abundant in fiely shaded building sites. It is in a rapidly growing quarter, too, and shares the general improvement. These gentlemen have also control of a large number of lots in KELLET ADDITION, near the Frisco shops, and in a locality rapidly building up with a fine class of residences. They report decided activity in building on these properties, and have the tact, energy and executive qualities to make a success of them, as they have of their farm, grazing and mineral land brokerage.

Roulet and Lambelet, one of the strong arms of the city, represent MERIMAN’S ADDITION of seventy acres, adjoining Drury College campus on the east and north, and without doubt one of the most desirable residence quarters in the city. They own the thirty acre PLEASANT HILL ADDITION, lying on both sides of Commercial Street, which is one of the best properties on the north side; also the FAIRVIEW ADDITION of twenty acres, near Doling’s Park, and one of the most sightly and beautiful tracts in that quarter of the city. They own or control the first and second additions of THE OZARK LAND CO., embracing sixty acres, which was platted in 1887, and lies north of the Frisco railway and (next page)

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