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The Library's Early Literacy Program

The Library's Early Literacy Program

For Preschoolers

A Sing & Rhyme Activity for Preschoolers

Sounds All Around

Sing & Rhyme Play with sounds, songs and rhymes.


Sounds All Around

When we step outside we hear so many sounds. When we focus our attention on listening instead of looking, we hear even more. Take your child outside and listen to everything you hear. You might want to make lists of sounds or play a guessing game. Look for opportunities to listen in other locations as well. What you hear in the city will be very different to what you hear in the country or in a park. It's a different way to explore the world!


Happy Summer!

Five little ladybugs napping in a tree, (close eyes and pretend to sleep)

Wake up to the sound of a bumblebee. (BZZZZ)

A little bunny’s  feet go hop hop, hop, (bounce up and down)

A shower of raindrops go plop, plop, plop. (pat hands on legs)

Then a silly little bird sings loud and clear (sing TWEET TWEET TWEET)

And the ladybugs say, “Summer must be here!”


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  • On a Rainy Day
  • On a Rainy Day by Sarah LuAnn Perkins
  • Sounds All Around: The Science of How Sound Works
  • Sounds All Around: The Science of How Sound Works by Susan Hughes
  • Rumble and Roar: Sound Around the World
  • Rumble and Roar: Sound Around the World by Sue Fliess


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