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The Library's Early Literacy Program

The Library's Early Literacy Program

For Babies

A Love Books Activity for Babies

Explore Books!

Love Books Have fun reading books you and your child enjoy.


Explore Books!

Babies need to be able to play with board books with their hands and even their mouths. When they are allowed to hold, shake and turn a book in their hands, they are engaging in important work! Babies are figuring out how books work - which way is up and how to turn the pages. Sharing books with babies is an important first step in helping them develop a natural interest and love of reading!


I Bounce You Here

I bounce you here,

I bounce you there,

I bounce you, bounce you everywhere!

[Bounce baby to the left and right and up in the air)


Click the book jackets to find these books and more at the Library.

Find these books at

  • Sometimes babies... : A Book for a New Baby
  • Sometimes babies... : A Book for a New Baby by Charlotte Trounce
  • The Snuggle is Real
  • The Snuggle is Real by Melinda Lee Rathjen
  • Ambulance to the Rescue
  • Ambulance to the Rescue by Elena Ulyeva


Our interactive storytimes introduce young children to books, reading and language with stories, songs and activities. Parents learn fun ways to build the early literacy skills their children need to learn to read.

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