All Library branches will be closed and the Mobile Library will not make its regularly scheduled stops on Monday, May 29, for Memorial Day.

The Park Central, Republic, Strafford, and Willard branch libraries will not have phone service on Tuesday, May 23, due to maintentance. Please call (417) 882-0714 for assistance.

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Once Upon an Electronic Time

A quarter of a century ago.  Ancient history for some.  Not that long ago for others.

In 1984, 13% of US households has a computer; by autumn of 2007, ownership would be 76%.

Top computer companies by revenue in 1984 were (in order) IBM, Apple, Tandy, and Compaq; in 2008, the top four were Nokia, HP, Dell, and Apple.

In 1984, HP brought out the Laser Jet, the first  low-cost laser printer suitable for office use--priced at $3,500.  In 2009, a highly-rated HP Laser Jet office printer model can be found for $94.

MS-DOS 3.0 appeared in August, '84; version 3.1 came out in November.  MS-DOS had eight major versions released before Microsoft discontinued development in 2000; today it has become increasngly irrelevant and has effectively ceased to exist as a platform for desktop computing.

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