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Forget the Fads: Make Health Resolutions that Stick in 2010

Start by reflecting on your current state of mental and physical health and decide what it is you want to maintain or change.  Then, set up a short list of very specific, achievable goals to work towards throughout the year.  (Rome wasn't built in a day you know...)

But don't go googling just yet. The Internet can be filled with unreliable, inaccurate and unsafe information about health and diet. Instead, utilize reputable resources within your community and local library to achieve your health goals. 

In the community...

  • Van K. Smith Community Health Library - A division of St. John's Hospital, this free library is devoted to providing members of the community with accurate health-related information.  It is staffed by professional medical librarians.
  • Springfield-Greene County Health Department - Our local health department provides a multitude of free services and programs to promote good health in Greene County.
  • NAMI of Southwest Missouri  - The local affiliate for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, this organization offers free literature, support groups and other types of assistance to anyone living in the Springfield area.

At the library...

  • The Health and Wellness Resource Center* is a user-friendly database of information on a range of topics including health conditions, medicines, doctor directories and the latest health news.  The site also includes short videos on several topics.

It's easy to get bogged down in the plethora of health and diet books available at the library.  Here are a few to get you started and remember, you can always ask a librarian at the information desk to help you find titles containing the information you need.

Now you know -- and knowing is half the battle.  Best of health in 2010!

* Library card required for use outside the Library

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