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Do the Candidates Get High Marks for Education?

Issues, issues, issues. But what about solutions? Every four years there is a new focus to the priorities in education at the national level.
Education Education 

Education Connections for Young People

You may not yet have the right to vote, but you do have the right to be involved and engaged in the issues and process. The outcomes may affect you more than you think.  More...
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Homeschooling Resources and Information

Have you decided to educate your child at home? There has been an increase in the number of children who are receiving their education in alternate settings, both in Missouri and the nation.  More...
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Missouri Receives Waiver for No Child Left Behind

 On June 29, Missouri joined 39 other states in receiving a flexibilty waiver for meeting certain criteria of NCLB. What does that mean for you and your family?  More...
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What's "next" for science standards in school?

As of May 11, the Next Generation Science Standards are available for viewing and comments. These could be adopted for use in classrooms as early as this fall.  More...

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