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History & Biography History & Biography 

Narrative Nonfiction: Nonfiction That Reads Like Fiction

For readers who normally read fiction, narrative nonfiction can be a great way to learn about history and still thoroughly enjoy the process.  More...
History & Biography History & Biography 

“Year in the Life” Memoirs

If you enjoy reading about the intense pursuit of a personal goal within a limited time frame, you might enjoy one of these “Year in the Life” memoirs.  More...
History & Biography History & Biography 

New Biographies and Memoirs

A selection of biographies and memoirs added to the Library’s collection in the past month.  More...
History & Biography History & Biography 

History of Thanksgiving

The origins of Thanksgiving can be traced back hundreds of years. Significant dates in the development of our modern Thanksgiving Day are highlighted in this timeline.  More...
Books & Authors History & Biography Books & Authors History & Biography 

Author Biographies

How much do you know about the authors of your favorite books? Checking out one of these author biographies or autobiographies might help you learn the story behind the story.  More...

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