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The Library Springfield-Greene County Library District Springfield, Missouri

The Library posts announcements and distributes free literature (e.g., fliers, newsletters, magazines, and promotional literature) of a civic, educational, or cultural nature. Permission to post or distribute material must be given by the Community Relations Department.

Approved items will be distributed and/or posted for limited periods of time as space allows. Materials posted or left for free distribution without approval from the Library will be discarded.

The Library will not post or distribute material relating to activities undertaken for individual gain or commercial profit. Promotion of political candidates, political parties, and support or opposition to any issue on or intended for a public election ballot is prohibited inside a Library facility.

The Library does not endorse the ideas, issues, or events promoted by the material accepted for posting or distribution. The Library is not responsible for material that is damaged or stolen.

Revised policy approved by the Board of Trustees 02/19/19