The Midtown Carnegie Branch Library elevator from the basement to the 2nd floor is not operational. Please ask a staff member if you need assistance.

The Library Springfield-Greene County Library District Springfield, Missouri

Springfield-Greene County Library patrons can send documents from wherever they are to a printer at any branch library via email, mobile app or the Library’s website.

Documents are stored up to 72 hours at the library branch's print station until the patron previews, approves and pays for the print job.

Black and white printouts are 10¢; color printouts are 50¢. Cash only.

Password protected sites and documents will not print. For a complete list of supported file types go to PrinterOn.

Upload Via Website

  1. Choose your library's Mobile Print Portal
  2. Select black and white or color printer.
  3. Enter your email address. (You will use this email address to retrieve your print job.)
  4. Select document
    • If printing from a website: copy and paste the website's url into the text box. (password protected sites will not work)
    • If printing a document from your computer: click Browse and locate the file.
  5. Click Next button to select printing options.
  6. Click Next button to view the number of pages that will print. Click Print button to print.
  7. Your document will not be printed until you preview, approve and pay for the print job at the library.

Send via Email

Send or forward an email with attachment(s) to the email address of the printer. (Email addresses are listed below.) Each printer has its own email address.

You can print both the email and the attachment as separate print jobs. You will not be charged for the email if you decide not to print it.

Ash Grove

Fair Grove Branch

Library Center

Library Station

Midtown Carnegie Branch

Park Central Branch

Republic Branch

Schweitzer Brentwood Branch

Strafford Branch

Willard Branch

Send Via Mobile App

Download the free PrinterOn app for Apple devices, Android or BlackBerry

  1. Download the PrinterOn App from your app store
  2. Open the PrinterOn app
  3. Tap the "No Printer Selected" button and select search from the bottom menu. Search for and select the library you want to use.
  4. Select 'Documents', 'Photos', or 'Web" to print. Under 'Web" you will copy and paste or enter a url to print and then click print icon - you'll be shown a preview of your document. When printing a Doc a cloud device is needed to print for Apple devices. (ex Google Drive, iCloud Drive, etc) With and Android one can either use a cloud service or access the device flies.
  5. To select only certain pages to print with any print job, click the icon in the upper-right corner. (sheet of paper with gear on it)
  6. Tap the print button
  7. Enter an email address and tap the check-mark in the upper-right corner. Your printing status will appear.
  8. Go to the library to retrieve your document from the print station.
    Once clicked, depending on the size of the file, it will load quickly to the next page or slowly. If you feel the page has frozen, click the next arrow again. If it is correctly processing the file, you will get a webscript alert.

Printing at the Print Station

  1. At the Print Station, click Release a Print Job and enter the email address used to send the print job.
  2. Select the print job(s) you wish to print and click Print. (You can also preview your print job on this screen by selecting Preview.)
  3. A window will pop up the total cost of the print job(s).
  4. Pay for your print job(s)