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Witches, Wizards, Reaper Man: Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett is well-known for having hilarious books that adhere to many storylines. Below are books from all Discworld storylines. Also included are standalone novels for those interested in a trip to the Discworld without starting from the beginning. These books are filled with memorable characters and lines you'll find yourself quoting months after. 


Animal Tales for Adults

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for Summer Reading Programs! The theme for this year is Tales and Tails. If you need ideas for some animal stories to read this summer, look no further.


Mental Health Awareness Month

June is Mental Health Awareness Month. These memoirs and nonfiction titles deal with mental illness by addressing things like depression, anxiety, OCD, and more. 


The Great Importance of Teachers

National Teacher Appreciation Day is March 4th.

In 2020 school looked very different for many families. Some guardians homeschooled their kids for the first time and Zoom meetings replaced the classroom for many students.  Teachers faced new obstacles and found creative ways to educate in trying circumstances. This disruption of learning helped us appreciate our teachers more than ever before. Now, as in-person learning is in sight, we honor our teachers and look forward to seeing them in the classroom once more. 


Celebrating Sustainability for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day by learning about and practicing sustainable practices in your home, garden, and life. Check out these titles from the library to educate yourself and your family this Earth Day.



Written by or about individuals who have experienced the struggles of homelessness, the books on this list include both memoirs and fiction titles. Each book provides the reader with new perspectives while also creating space for empathy-driven dialogue.


LGBT Teen Reads Adults Will Love

The following selection of books features LGBT characters from differing cultural backgrounds dealing with everyday life and battling insurmountable odds. Featuring stories of magic, special abilities, financial hardship, love, and relationships with family and friends, these books are enjoyable to teens and adults of all ages. 


Reading TV

Read about what happened behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows. These shows had us asking what it really meant to be “on a break”, drove fashion and food trends, and made us laugh and cry.


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