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Game Night Food: Cookbooks for a Delicious Football Season

The football season has officially begun. Keep the cheers coming no matter the score with recipes from these game night ready cookbooks. These books have got you covered with recipes for everything from dip to wings and sliders to nachos.


Origins of Detective Fiction

Mystery is one of the most popular genres of fiction today, and has been for years. Almost every reader has probably read and enjoyed a mystery novel at some point in their life. But, did you ever wonder how it all started?


Refugees and Immigrants

Welcome Week 2018 is September 14-23. Created by the Welcoming America organization, this annual series of events brings together immigrants, refugees, and native-born residents in a spirit of unity to raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming everyone.

Learn more about refugee and immigrant experiences with a book from the New York Times list of twenty-five great books by refugees or try one listed here.


The Magic of Libraries in Fiction

From everyday life in Literary Fiction to epic adventures in Steampunk Fantasy, libraries serve as the backdrop for stories in multiple genres. Check out the following list to find books that celebrate the power of reading and the importance of community.


Metathought: Neuropsychological Perspectives on Thoughts and Thinking

Over the last twenty years, neuroscience has blossomed, thanks to breakthroughs in imaging and neurochemistry, and research has started to reveal answers to questions about how and why humans think the way we do. The following list of books is a sampling of the many titles available at the Library about understanding thinking and how the new knowledge might be used to explain human cognition and potentially transform human behaviors.


Feel-Good Novels

Look at this list of heartwarming tales to find a title that will make you feel good long after you have closed the cover.


Refreshing Reads

Has the summer heat got you feeling thirsty? Quench your thirst with these "refreshing" reads about your favorite drinks!


Arthur and His Knights

The stories of King Arthur and his noble nights have been retold in many diffent ways. Here are just a few examples.


Summer Cooking

Here is a list of books you can find at the library to inspire your summer meal planning. Whether you are planning a barbecue, a backyard movie, or just looking for fresh recipes to beat the summer heat, these books have plenty of healthy and fun recipes to enhance your summer cooking.


Undersea Adventure: Ocean Archeology and Underwater Salvage

Add some adventure to your summer with these books about ocean archeology and underwater salvage taking you from World War II to the age of pirates, from solving the mysteries of the Titanic to finding an expedition lost during its mission of Arctic exploration in the Northwest Passage. Read about real expeditions that solved mysteries, advanced science, and pulled up historical items, entire shipwrecks, treasure and more. 


Art Inspired Fiction

From the classics to contemporary fiction, the art world provides a dramatic backdrop for these novels. 


Post-Apocalyptic & Dystopian Series for Grown-ups

Post-apocalyptic and dystopian series have been popular in Young Adult fiction for years. The Hollywood crossover success of the Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and Divergent franchises capitalized on a trend that began in earnest with Lois Lowry's "The Giver." Perhaps, like me, you've found yourself raiding your kids' bookshelves in search of compelling series. If so, you might want to give one of these adult series a try. Some have already made the transition from page to screen, others are destined to in the near future.     


Cutting Flowers

Whether you are interested in growing your own flowers for arrangements, using the existing flora around your home, or making the most of the flowers you buy, these books will introduce you to the basic techniques and floral designer tricks for make a beautiful bouquet.


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