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Best-Loved Holiday Movies

Enjoy this booklist our librarians have assembled for you as part of our Holiday Hacks: Library Edition...How you can use the Library to ease holiday stress. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more tips


Holiday Fiction

Holiday Hacks: Library Edition is here to make your life easier during the holidays!

It's the most time wonderful time of year to read a seasonal book! From classic Christmas stories to modern holiday romances, you’re sure to find a book on this list that matches your holiday mood.


Untold History of Women on the Fringe

"Well behaved women seldom make history." -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

This is certainly true for women like Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt, but what about the names that slipped through the cracks of history? This list explores the everyday stories of outcast women without a voice, as well as the remarkable changes they were able to facilitate.


Learning a Language

Quotes on how learning a language can “widen your world” are a dime a dozen, but the fact still stands that learning even a little of a new language can be a fun and useful activity. Over 7,000 languages are spoken in the world today, and while we cannot keep books on all of them, here are some books we do have for starting your language learning adventure! Some books are part of a series including multiple languages, like the 50 Coffee Breaks books, or the 15 Minute series. Explore to see if your target language can be found in another series!


Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

In honor of the complex contributions of authors and trailblazers descendent from Spanish speaking countries, join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage by reading compelling research, poignant memoirs, inspiring biography, and captivating fiction!


Banned Books Week

Celebrate your freedom to read by checking out these challenged and banned books!


Labor Day 2022

Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the works and contributions of laborers. The titles in this list tell the stories of the labor movement's past, present, and future.


Women's Equality Day 2022

Women's Equality Day commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing women the right to vote. The titles in this list offer both historical and fictional treatment of the women's suffrage movement and the hard-won right to vote.



Tik Tok Reads

It is hard to deny the power of TikTok. In particular the influence of "BookTok," and how it helps readers to find new authors and books. These are just a few of the many books you will see on TikTok that are recommended for your next library haul. 


Drought, Flood...Fiction

You've heard the news stories, now take in some works of fiction in which one of the main characters is climate change.


Make it: Makerspace Resources and Books to inspire

3D printing, laser engraving, sticker making; if you haven’t visited the Library’s Makerspace you are missing out. Everyone starts somewhere. Here is a list of books and resources to get you going and spark your creativity.


Disability Independence Day

On July 26th the Americans with Disabilities Act will be celebrating its 32nd birthday.  It was signed into law on July 26, 1990 and has continued to promote the importance of equal opportunities for people with disabilities ever since.   Below you will find an assortment of books that discuss the experiences of people with a variety of disabilities.


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