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Magical Women

Magical adventures are for all age groups, and these stories about adults embracing their supernatural side are hand-picked to provide hours of entertainment for the adult fantasy reader in your home!


Lovecraft Reimagined

The weird fiction of Howard Phillips Lovecraft has slithered deep into American culture over the past century, but much of Lovecraft’s fiction is laced with racism and misogyny, causing its place in the horror cannon to be reassessed. Enjoy these titles that explore how female writers and authors of color are expanding Lovecraft’s mythos to be more inclusive and reimagining his stories to reconcile their insidious depictions.


Spooky Science

It's the start of the spookiest month, but that doesn't mean we have to be afraid! Check out these titles that explore creepy, mysterious, and potentially frightening subject matter and explains them all using science!


Mysteries: Who Punnit?

It has been said that puns are the lowest form of humor, but one might say it’s high time we elevated some of these literary titles. These mysteries are rife with puns and it would be criminal to miss them. Besides, who doesn’t like a little crime and pun-ishment?


The Little Armageddon that Couldn’t: Books about the End Times

Once in a while, the world tries to end. Fiction writers have taken this idea and explored new directions, including a failed Armageddon and all of the different ways that it could happen. These fantasy and science fiction titles are sure to surprise and intrigue with their takes on this popular trope!


Fictional Influencers

Be sure to "follow" these fictional novels that connect us to characters dealing with the complexities of living in a virtual world. 


Animal Intelligence and Emotions

A perennially interesting, contested, and evolving topic -- what are nonhuman animal's capacities for thought and emotion? And is it anything like how humans think and feel? Investigate with these books.


Apocalypse Meow

Sometimes things feel apocalyptic. Sometimes it helps to read Apocalyptic Fiction. Sometimes it helps to read books with characters who are cats. Sometimes it helps to do both.


New Reads Set in the Old West

Are you looking for books that give a fresh look at the American Old West? Check out these fiction and nonfiction titles published within the last two years.


Environmental Justice

These books will take you from the water crisis in Flint, MI to a disappearing village in Alaska.


On Plagues

Whether it's the Black Death, COVID-19, or any pandemic in between; plagues have always had the worst impact on marginalized people, and we ignore them at our own peril. This collection of plague narratives--both real and fictionalized--is sure to educate, thrill, and remind us of those universal truths.


Local Authors: The Ozarks in Perspective

Welcome to the Ozarks, where folks love to tell stories and pass on history from one generation to the next like clockwork! Embrace the tales and traditions lovingly crafted into tomes by these local authors. 


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