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Spring Weekend Getaways

Thinking about getting away for a weekend trip this spring? Let the Library help make that trip unforgettable!


Ready Player One

Calling all Halliday Easter egg hunters, prospective OASIS gunters, and '80s pop culture lovers. This "Ready Player One" inspired list is for you!


Beware the Ides of March

The Roman's considered the Ides of March - or March 15th in modern parlance - especially significant as it marked the end of new year's celebrations and the date in which all debts must be settled, but it was made all more the important when Julius Caesar was assasinated in 44BC and eventually immortalized by William Shakespeare's soothsayer on the stage. Check out some interpretations of Shakespeare's play and histories of Caesar's life and times.


Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month. While 31 days is criminally insufficient time to grasp the immense force of the population’s better half, you can take a crash-course with this reading list.


Social Networking

Navigating the world of social networking and social media can be daunting even to tech-saavy people. Check out these titles to help find your way through the wonders of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


Multicultural Mysteries

Looking for the thrill of a mystery with the bonus of experiencing a culture different from one's own, then check out the books on this list! More

War Novels

War is a prolific and seemingly permanent circumstance of human existence, and in the world of literature, the war novel is equally profuse.



Have you just found out that you're expecting? Here are some books to get you started on this new adventure. 


Missouri Food

Whether you’re looking to grow it, cook it, or just eat it, here’s a slew of books to help get you in the Missouri food mood. More

Cool Cases in Hot Places

Transport yourself to a warmer climate with these rousing mysteries set in warm and tropical locales.  More

Happy Birthday, Virginia Woolf

She is considered one of the foremost modernist authors of the 20th century and a pioneer in the use of stream of consciousness as a narrative device, but there is no reason to be afraid of Virginia Woolf. For her birthday, check out some book by and about this influential British author. More

Find Your Style

If re-working your wardrobe is one of your New Year's resolutions the Library has you covered. Stop by any branch to pick up a few books for inspiration or tips on finding your own personal style. More


After chaos, solitude. More

Staying Safe Online

Check out these books for children and adults that will help you stay safe on the Internet. More

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