Library Center visitors, please note! The regular book drop and drive-up window service will be closed Thursday, Sept. 20, for about one week while awnings are replaced. A temporary book drop will be available near the regular one. The Mudhouse south entrance and patio will also be unavailable. If you need to pick up items or conduct other business, please come inside the building. Thank you for your patience during construction.

The Library Springfield-Greene County Library District Springfield, Missouri

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Mission Statement

"The mission of the Springfield-Greene County Library District is to improve and enrich the lives of our users through information, education and recreation. The Library values the citizens of Greene County and responds to their needs by providing clean and inviting buildings, well-organized and up-to-date collections, friendly professional service and well-trained staff who are committed to the Library vision."

Vision Statement

"A thriving Library that is an integral part of the lives of the community"

Springfield-Greene County Library District Strategic Plan 2016—2020


  • EmpowermentTo give someone the means or ability to do something.
  • ExcellenceTo be the best in everything we do.
  • ConfidenceTo be certain of trustworthiness.
  • RespectTo treat all people with dignity.
  • InnovationTo start or provide something new.
  • SynergyTo produce a combined effect greater than what we can do individually.

Springfield-Greene County Library District Five-Year Plan

  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • Evaluate weekend hours and adjust as data suggests
    Jan - Sep '16
    Collect Data
    Oct '16 - Jun '17
    Schweitzer Brentwood
    Jul '17 - Jun '18
    Library Center & Library Station
    Jul '18 - Jun '19
    Republic, Park Central & Midtown
    Jul '19 - Jun '20
    Other locations
  • Implement wireless printing for public and staff
    Jan - Sep '16
  • ReNew Brentwood
    Jul '16 - Dec '17
  • Enhance user experience by implementing self-service opportunities
    Jul '16 - Dec '19
  • Evaluate materials security and loss prevention at a districtwide level
    Jul '16 - Jun '17
  • Use analytics to enhance marketing and promotional services
    Jul '16 - Sep '17
  • Create a people-friendly glossary of library language
    Jul '16 - Sep '17
  • Systematic evaluation and replacement of HVAC systems
    Jul '16 - Jun '19
  • Evaluate and adjust security services to all locations
    Jul '16 - Jun '17
  • Investigate in-house book printing for patrons and staff
    Jan '17 - Mar '18
  • Investigate options for effective and efficient inventory tracking and management
    Jul '17 - Jun '18
  • Systematic evaluation and implementation of durable, interactive furnishings and pieces in children's areas districtwide
    Oct '17 - Mar '19
  • Evaluate and adjust delivery services to all locations
    Jul '18 - Jun '19
  • Explore 7-day/24-hour kiosks and other remote service options
    Jul '18 - Jun '19
  • Evaluate adult learning classes and programs
    Jul '19 - Dec '20
  • Review Collection Services facilities and operations
    Jul '19 - Dec '20
  • Systematic evaluation and replacement of flooring throughout the district
    Jul '18 - Dec '20
  • Investigate feasibility and possibilities for a district switchboard
    Jul '19 - Dec '20
  • Explore modifications to library services to best serve patrons with physical, sensory, psychiatric, neurological and/or cognitive disabilities
    Jan '19 - Mar '20
  • Implement new manager and mentor training program
    Apr '19 - Dec '20
  • Investigate feasibility and possibilities of implementation of an Adult Programming Coordinator
    Jan '20 - Dec '20