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The Library Springfield-Greene County Library District Springfield, Missouri

It shall be the policy of the Springfield-Greene County Library to utilize the services of volunteers in any areas where they can assist the Library in meeting its objectives of public service. Volunteers shall be utilized to supplement the duties and activities of paid staff and are not considered a replacement for paid staff.

Volunteers are a valuable resource for any public service organization and serve to expand available service through their efforts. While the donation of their time and talents is greatly appreciated, each volunteer must recognize there is an obligation to provide service within the guidelines and policies of the Springfield-Greene County Library.

General Principles:

  1. Volunteers are not to be placed in budgeted staff positions.
  2. An application for volunteer appointment must be completed by each prospective volunteer. Applications are evaluated and prospective volunteers are interviewed by the supervisor of the area in which the volunteer service is to be provided.
  3. All volunteers must be at least fourteen (14) years old.
  4. All volunteers must abide by the employment policies, rules and conditions of the Springfield-Greene County Library. Appropriate attire is expected.
  5. Failure to meet the conditions of this policy and to meet agreed-to volunteer commitments may result in dismissal from the volunteer program.

Approved by Library Board 12/17/13, Reviewed 3/19/19