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Not Your Mama's Romance

When we think of romance novels, paper back covers featuring ball gown-clad women and bare chested men probably come to mind. However, the romance genre has recently been making strides toward new subjects, modern couples, and even otherworldly settings. Though the it has been written off by many (sometimes for good reason) I think romance is a genre worth revisiting with fresh eyes. What better time than Valentine's day to pick up an unconventional romance novel! 


Love Without (As Much) Romance

Do you have a love-hate relationship with romance? Tired of toxic romance tropes? Does Valentine’s Day give you the ick? Give yourself a break from romance with these novels that focus on the love found between friends and family instead. No guarantees these books won’t contain some romance, but they do prove that other types of love can be just as fulfilling.


Graphic Novels for Black History Month

Hey Comic Enthusiasts! February is not just about hearts and chocolates – it's also the perfect time to dive into some incredible graphic novels that celebrate Black history and culture!


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