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Breast Cancer Awareness

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month began in 1985 with the primary purpose of raising awareness of breast cancer and increasing early detection through mammograms and regular physician visits.  There are many wonderful resources available on breast cancer prevention, detection and treatment options.

The American Cancer Society provides general information on breast cancer screening, prevention and treatment, as well as many links to helpful organizations, resources and support groups specializing in breast cancer assistance.  The American Cancer Society has also set standards for breast cancer detection, suggesting that: Yearly mammograms begin after age 40. Clinical breast exams be conducted every three years for women in their 20s and 30s, and yearly after age 40.  Breast self-exams are also recommended regularly for women starting in their 20s.  The American Cancer Society has more information on early detection available here.

There is also a local chapter of the American Cancer Society operating in Springfield.  Their Web site has information on programs and services available in Springfield and the surrounding areas.  They also coordinate the local Reach to Recovery program, and special events such as the local Relay for Life.  Information on volunteer opportunities can be found on their website as well.  Their local office is located at 3332 S. Campbell Suite G, and they can be contacted at 417-881-4668.

Another good local resource is The Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks.  The Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks has many programs to provide assistance to those diagnosed with breast cancer, or those who do not have the resources to get regular screening.  Their Web site contains information on short-term financial assistance, free screening mammography, the BCFO Children's Fund, and links to support and mentoring groups.  Their local office is located at 330 N. Jefferson, and they can be contacted at 417-862-3838.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services also operates the Show Me Healthy Women program.  This program provides for free breast and cervical cancer screenings to low income women.

More information on breast cancer can also be found at MedlinePlus, and

The Library also has a large variety of books available on breast cancer.  They include:

 Quick Facts Breast Cancer : What You Need to Know Now published by The American Cancer Society.




 Breast Cancer: 50 Essential Things You Can Do by Greg Anderson





 Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book by Susan M. Love and Karen Lindsey





 Ordinary Miracles : Learning From Breast Cancer Survivors by S. David Nathanson and David Stringer




 Lopsided : How Having Breast Cancer Can be Really Distracting by Meredith Norton

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