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Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

If you've ever heard a song on the radio and said to yourself, "I wish I could play an instrument like that," then you're in luck!

The Springfield-Greene County Library has a wide selection of books, CDs and DVDs that can help you learn how to play any number of different musical instruments.

For parents, there are also resources that can help you to encourage and support your child’s musical interest.

Here are just a few examples of the Library resources that can help you turn your musical dreams into reality:



The Everything Playing Piano and Keyboards Book: From Popular Songs to Classical Music - Learn to Play in No Time by Brooke Halpin. Starting with the fundamentals for both left- and right-handed playing, this easy-to-follow book teaches beginners how to purchase a piano, read music, and develop an ear for the right chords.



The "First Stage" Guitar Book: Learn How to Play Guitar Easily & Quickly! by Chris Lopez. This must-have volume contains the basics for every beginning guitar player, presented in bold and easy-to-understand fingering diagram illustrations. 



 Play Guitar in 10 Easy Lessons: A Simple, Structured Approach to Learning Guitar by Jon Buck. By the end of these 10 lessons you'll be confidently playing scales, improvising solos, finger picking, and strumming chords in every key. 



How to Play Piano: Everything You Need to Know to Play the Piano by Roger Evans. Learning to play the piano has never been easier. With easy-to-follow illustrations and fun practice pieces, this comprehensive step-by-step guide will have students well on their way to playing the music of their choice - even if they've never played a musical instrument. 



Book & CD:

Bass Guitar Exercises for Dummies by Patrick Pfeiffer; foreword by Mark Egan. Learn to play bass guitar quickly and easily with this guide and bonus interactive CD! The bass guitar is utilized in almost every single genre of music - rock, classical, jazz, metal, funk, and country just to name a few. 



Blues Guitar Lesson Anthology: A Guide to Playing Genuine Houserockin' Music by Rich DelGrosso. Time to get excited about playing blues guitar! This book/CD pack provides time-tested lessons covering rhythms, leads, slide, fingerstyle, shuffles, boogies and so much more.  The CD contains 78 tracks so you can hear every example!


 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing Drums by Michael Miller. This book is the perfect must-have book for any beginning drummer interested in learning the basics of the instrument. This newly revised edition includes an audio CD that contains all exercises and solos from the book, tuning examples, and play-along tracks that allow the reader to hear drum beats with or without musical accompaniment.


The Everything Harmonica Book with CD: Learn the Basics and Play Your Favorite Songs by Douglas Lichterman, Blake Brocksmith, and Gary Dorfman. From the top of the pop charts to TV, film, and radio scores, (not to mention even your grandpappy's rocking chair), harmonica music is all around us.



 Mel Bay Presents You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer by Madeline MacNeil. Every aspect of the hammered dulcimer and its playing techniques is covered in this comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand text. The CD in the "You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer" book/CD package is a play-along recording of all of the tunes in the corresponding book.


From Zero to Rock Hero in Just 6 Weeks: Learn How to Play Electric Guitar by Owen Edwards. Aspiring rockers have the answer to their prayers in this unique guide to learning the essential tools and tricks that rock guitarists normally take years to perfect. This six-week course is packaged with a CD of key chords and riffs. 




Learn to Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar 1. Beginning players will learn all the fundamentals involved in playing bottleneck style: correct use of the slide, open tunings, rhythm backup, vibrato, harmonics, picking techniques and much more.

Learn to Play Gospel Piano. Taught by Ethel Caffie-Austin; directed by Happy Traum. This inspirational course in gospel piano has been specially designed for novice and intermediate players.

Play Flute Today. This complete guide to the basics covers: learn the parts and assembly of the instrument, breathing, posture, the essentials of producing a good tone, care of the instrument and music reading with notes and rhythms before you learn to play your first melodies.

The Violin. The Ultimate Beginner Series string DVDs cover: Maintenance and care for the instrument, correct posture and holding techniques, simple finger patterns, bowing and plucking methods, your first notes, music theory, and helpful hints to get you started fast.

You Can Play Jazz Piano. Vol.1, Getting Started. Learn chord progressions, scales and modes, proper fingering and improvising on both blues and standard tunes. Clear and concise, with no music to read. Taught by Warren Bernhardt. 


For Parents:


 Music Lessons: Guide Your Child to Play a Musical Instrument (And Enjoy It!) by Stephanie Stein Crease. Named one of Publishers Weekly's Best 100 Books of 2006. Providing guidance for parents who want their children to enjoy learning to play a musical instrument, this resource teaches parents the best ways to encourage children's musical talents. 



 Musical Instruments for Children: Choosing What's Right for Your Child by Richard Crozier. Learning to play an instrument offers a child an outlet for creativity, teaches discipline, enhances an appreciation of music, and can ignite a passion that lasts a lifetime.




Play Music Together: Learn Guitar and Sing with Your Kids! Perfect for beginners of all ages, the iPlayMusic method is the most fun, simple, and easy way to learn and enjoy music. Includes over 35 guitar lesson videos and 6 full song lessons for kids and adults! This DVD comes with a special code that allows you to visit and download this video for your video iPod!

Parents, here are some books that can help your child decide which instrument is right for him or her:






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