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Math Homework Resources

It’s 9:00 p.m., and your child just remembers the math homework due tomorrow morning. He’s confused about what to do, and it looks like Greek to you. Where do you turn?

Your child’s textbook
Most textbooks give explanations and example problems at the beginning of the lesson, so you may be able to figure out what to do by flipping back a couple of pages. If your child didn’t bring his textbook home, you may be able to access the online version.  Check with your child's teacher to see if an online textbook is available.

Yes, sometimes the answer is just a Google search away. Google has a built-in calculator, so it can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Google can also find squares, square roots, and create graphs. However, sometimes the calculator can be difficult to use, and it cannot provide the solutions for many homework dilemmas.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids
This is a great math dictionary for elementary and middle school students. Each word provides a definition and example. The example allows kids to input data or interact in order to help them better understand the definition.

A+ Math
A+ Math is a great site for elementary and middle school students. This site includes flash cards for basic facts and games. This site also has a homework helper that gives students step-by-step explanations of problems that the student enters.

Ask Dr. Math
“Ask Dr. Math” was created by The Math Forum at Drexel University to answer math questions from students of all ages and grade levels. While Dr. Math no longer answers newly submitted questions, you can search the archives to see old questions and answers that might help explain a topic. Dr. Math’s explanations are usually thorough and include examples and/or diagrams.

Cool Math (for ages 0-12) (for ages 13+) (parents guide to Cool Math)
Cool Math provides step-by-step explanations for many math skills. The language is both kid- and parent-friendly, and there are plenty of examples provided. Cool Math also has kid-friendly games.

Hooda Math
Hooda Math is a site for grades 3-8. It includes video tutorials, games, worksheets, and math movies.

Math Is Fun
Math Is Fun divides information into the five major strands (topics) of mathematics. Explanations and examples of many important concepts can be found on each topic’s page. This site also has a math dictionary and games. offers homework help for all ages. The homework help section takes students through a four-step learning process to help them master the skill. It also provides students with the opportunity to practice problems online. This website also has a “Calculators & Tools” section that you might find handy, especially if your child left his scientific calculator at school.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
NLVM provides online manipulatives that help kids understand and apply math skills. This site is divided by grade level and concept strand. This is a great place to go to help kids learn how to visualize fractions, integers (positive and negative numbers), and other difficult concepts.

Webmath is a site that will solve math problems for you. This site covers content from grades K-12. To solve a problem, you need to find the skill or topic that your problem covers. Then type your problem into the calculator, and an answer will be given. A short explanation of the answer is also given.

Wolfram|Alpha is a calculator that allows users to type in equations and will generate the answer as well as graphs and visual representations of the data. This is especially useful for higher level mathematics but can be used for all levels.

These library books might also be useful:

Math dictionary for kids
This is an illustrated math dictionary for kids.

Help your kids with math : a unique step-by-step visual guide.
This is an illustrated guide for parents. It explains how to help your kids with different types of math problems.

Middle School math for parents : 10 steps to helping your child master math

This book addresses the major concepts and teaching methods of the Common Core Standards for grades 6-8 in a clear and friendly way.

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