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Social Media Marketing

It seems like everyone is using social media these days, including your potential customers. But even if you're on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, how do you effectively market your product or service to potential customers? The Library has a variety of  books that can help you navigate the new and ever-changing world of social media marketing.

 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Twitter Marketing by Brett Petersel and Esther Schindler.
This book offers advice to help you connect with your customers and build your brand’s online presence. It contains key suggestions for using Twitter’s power as a search engine to create tweets that bring customers to you and easy ideas for reaching a wider audience by writing tweets worth a retweet.


 Going Social: Excite Customers, Generate Buzz and Energize Your Brand with the Power of Social Media by Jeremy Goldman.
Businesses everywhere are struggling to adapt as they transistion from traditional marketing to online engagement. For more than a decade, author Jeremy Goldman has helped companies inject "social" into their processes. In “Going Social,” he explains the ins-and-outs of platforms such as Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest and others.


 Mobile Marketing: Fundamentals and Strategy by Kaan Varnali, Aysegul Toker, Cengiz Yilmaz.
“Mobile Marketing” explains the rules and lessons of the emerging mobile world. It contains up-to-date information on the world of mobile marketing with the latest facts, statistics, and academic research about the mobile medium and mobile consumer behavior.


 Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing by Lee Odden.
This book gives readers a practical approach to integrating search and social media optimization with content marketing to boost relevance, visibility and customer engagement.


  Pinterest Marketing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Brand and Products on Pinterest by Leon Cho.
Pinterest is a completely new social media model not just for users, but also for marketers. To make Pinterest work effectively, you have to know what brands and products work well on Pinterest. You need a strategic plan that's appropriate for an environment of rapid change. You'll also need specific tactics for board organization, pin selection and getting followers.  


 Rethinking Reputation: How PR Trumps Marketing and Advertising in the New Media World by Fraser P. Seitel and John Doorley.
A good public image  is no longer just icing -- it's a strategic imperative more important to your competitive success than even advertising or marketing. "Rethinking Reputation" examines a fascinating new set of case studies to glean the PR do’s and don'ts for the new media world, covering both standard reputation maintenance and crisis management.  


 The Social Customer: How Brands can use Social CRM to Acquire, Monetize and Retain Fans, Friends and Followers by Adam Metz.
If you look at the people who follow your company via social media simply as "social media users," you're missing a much bigger picture. They are, above all, your customers -- and as such, they have a multitude of needs. But without the right social media strategy, they might not remain your customers for long.  


 Social Media Analytics: Effective Tools for Building, Interpreting and Using Metrics by Marshall Sponder.
Practically overnight, social media has become a critical tool for every marketing objective -- from outreach and customer relations to branding and crisis management. For the most part, however, the data collected through social media is just that: data. It usually seems to hold little or no meaning on which to base business decisions. But the meaning is there . . . if you're applying the right systems and know how to use them.

  Social Media for Social Good: A How-to Guide for Nonprofits by Heather Mansfield. Spread your message instantly and easily -- even on a shoestring budget. Mansfield offers advice on best practices and advanced strategies to keep your supporters engaged and growing in numbers. She teaches how to inspire fans, followers and friends to transition from passive interest to active involvement in supporting your mission.


 30-Minute Social Media Marketing: Step-by-Step Techniques to Spread the Word About Your Business Fast and Free by Susan Gunelius.
Designed specifically for busy small business owners, this book provides tips for maximizing your business's visibility and generating profits. It contains 22 short chapters packed with real-world examples, templates, sample marketing procedures and screen shots taking you step-by-step through the essentials of social media marketing. 

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