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November 5 Election

Voters in Greene County will see one question on their ballot on November 5:

"Shall the county of Greene impose a local use tax...?" View the full ballot language available on Greene County's website [pdf].

What is a use tax?

A use tax is a tax applied to purchases made out of state. It is implemented on items used in Greene County but not sold in Missouri. It is applied at the same rate as the local sales tax. For Greene County, this rate is currently 1.25%.

How will this apply to me?

If you purchase an item out of state or online, you are responsible for paying the use tax. If you purchase less than $2,000 worth of items from outside Missouri in a calendar year, you are not required to file a use tax return. The city of Springfield and the state of Missouri currently have a use tax.

How do I pay a use tax?

If the out-of-state purchase is made through a catalog or online, the retailer may include the sales tax in the transaction. If not, and your total out-of-state purchases are over $2,000 for the year, you are required to file an Individual Consumer's Use Tax Return with your Missouri taxes. If the out-of-state purchase is a vehicle or boat, you will be charged the tax when registering the vehicle with the state of Missouri. The Missouri Department of Revenue has further information and examples of use tax filing requirements.

Who will the use tax benefit?

Supporters of the use tax believe it will provide a level playing field for local businesses and out-of-state retailers. The tax revenue will support Greene County law enforcement and other county services. Greene County leaders expect the use tax will generate $3 million in annual revenue.

Articles and more information about the ballot issue:

The election will take place on Tuesday, November 5. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Be sure to bring one valid form of identification [pdf] with you.

If you are not sure your registration is valid or where your polling place is, go to the Voter Registration Lookup and enter your personal information. You will see a result that verifies that you are registered to vote at your current address and lists your polling place.

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