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ReferenceUSA Jobs and Internships Module

Job seekers have a new Library resource to help them on their search. ReferenceUSA, a database that provides directory information about national businesses and households, has teamed up with to offer a new service called the Jobs and Internships Module*. This resource allows patrons to search for jobs by type, company, location and salary estimations. Users can find a position that interests them and link to the company's profile in ReferenceUSA to research the prospective employer's key executives, sales data and industry competitors.  

ReferenceUSA has created an online tutorial to guide users through the various features of the database.  If you have any additional questions, visit or call a librarian at any of our Library locations

 1,001 Phrases You Need to Get a Job: The "Hire Me" Words that Set Your Cover Letter, Resume and Job Interview Apart by Nancy Schuman and Burton Jay Nadler. With just the right phrase, you can highlight your achievements in your resume, make the cover letter pitch that sets you apart from the crowd and underscore your unique skill set in the interview. This books shows you how to talk the talk you need to win the job you want. 



 Knock 'Em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2013, by Martin Yate.  Updated for 2013, Yate delivers a blueprint for success at a time when hundreds of candidates are competing for the same position. He tells you exactly where today's employment opportunitites are and what skills you'll need to impress employers. 




 This is How You Get Your Next Job: An Inside Look at What Employers Really Want. Leading career expert and syndicated columnist Andrea Kay asked employers one simple question: Why didn't you hire the last ten people you interviewed? What it repeatedly came down to was not a matter of skills or experience but how the applicant seemed based on what they did or said. This book guides job hunters to show prospective employers who they are and why they are a perfect for the job they seek. 



 The Job Search Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Get Back to Work After a Layoff by Damian Birkell. This guide covers everything from dealing with the emotional impact of being laid off to rebuilding your professional identity. Included is advice on developing a career plan, writing a resume, creating a "personal marketing plan," and finding a hidden job market through in-person and online marketing. 



 How to Write Better Resumes and Cover Letters by Patricia Criscito. Presents a 12-step process for composing resumes and cover letters. This book also discusses how to create content that effectively summarizes skills and experiences and how to use software to create formats that generate attention. 


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