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A good guidebook for a great trip!

Every adventurous traveler needs a good guide. While many apps and websites exist to direct travelers on their journeys, few can beat the detail and thoroughness of a good travel guidebook. Travel guidebooks are varied with publications from Frommer’s, Fodor’s, Rick Steves, Lonely Planet among many others. Each publisher seems to fill a different niche for the adventurer, so it is important that one chooses the best book for his journey.

According to an article entitled “Best Reference Books for Travelers,” each travel guidebook is unique. Follow the links to examples of each (featuring Washington DC) that are available at the Springfield-Greene County libraries.

Frommer’s - These books are helpful if one is only vacationing for a few weeks. There are itineraries aimed at making sure visitors get to see all the main attractions in any particular area. In fact, the sites and attractions all have ranks, making it easy to decide what one really wants to see. If one is traveling on a budget or have time constraints, these guides are perfect. They also cost less than $17.00, so your savings continue.

Fodor’s - Initially Fodor's guides focused on advice and tips for traveling in Europe. Over time, they also became the guide of choice for people traveling in the United States. Today, however, one can easily find a Fodor's book for practically any destination. Fodor's provide details for more than 300 exciting destinations. The best news is that the most expensive book is still less than $17.00.

Rick Steves - If one really wants to experience a city's local culture, pick up a Rick Steves guide. To give one an idea of what to experience, the first travel book boasted the title Europe Through the Back Door. The guides are mainly geared toward Europe and give advice on how to live like a local. The books are available in paperback and on mobile readers. They cost $15.00 on average.

Lonely Planet - There are guides for almost any country imaginable, with new books published all the time. Although the guides themselves are quite small, they are packed with vital information on many aspects of travel. One of the reasons Lonely Planet's guide books remain popular is because they're geared toward the budget-conscious traveler. The guides also focus on cultural and ethnic activities. Even the books themselves are affordable, with free Kindle books and paper guides that are generally less than $20.00.

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