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Exercise Your Right to Vote

The general election on November 8th is quickly approaching. Voting is your chance to help choose the next president, but also to have a say in many state and local races. Voters in Greene County can find a sample ballot on the County Clerk's website. The League of Women Voters online voters' guide provides information on candidates and ballot issues.

You can find information regarding absentee voting and what you need to bring with you to vote on the Election FAQs page of the County Clerk's website.

Some voting locations may have changed since the previous election. To find your current polling place, check the Secretary of State's website or the County Clerk's website.

Although the deadline for new voter registrations has passed, you can still change your address if you have moved within the county. If you are already registered and move to a new residence located in the same county, you will need to update your registration, preferably before election day. You can check your voter registration status online.

If you have any questions about the upcoming election, you can contact the County Clerk's office at 417-868-4060.

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