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Winter Weather Driving Tips

The cold weather season is now officially upon us and will bring changing temperatures and road conditions. A little planning ahead for your trip can help you arrive safely to your destination.

Check the Weather

Southwest Missouri weather can change quickly. Before leaving, check the forecast to prepare for current and changing weather conditions. Check the local National Weather Service before making your journey for hourly weather conditions. Smart phone users can view this information on the go by visiting .

Check Road Conditions

If you are concerned about road conditions, you can call the Missouri Department of Transportation for information at 888-ASK-MODOT (888-275-6636). You can also check out views of road conditions online by checking MODOT's Traveler Information Map. This website is also available as an app for iPhones and Android phones.

Winterize your Vehicle

A little preventative maintence can ensure that your vehicle is ready for whatever conditions nature brings. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration recommends checking the status of your car's battery, gasoline, coolant, windshield wipers/defrosters and tires before heading out on your trip.

Pack Emergency Supplies

Having extra tools and supplies available in your vehicle will make weather surprises easier to solve. Take a moment to check if your car has the following items packed for an emergency:

Extra clothes, gloves, hat and socks
Bottled water and nonperishable foods
A small shovel
A tool kit that includes pliers, a wrench and screwdriver
Jumper cables
A first aid kit
A flashlight with extra batteries
Traction devices or litter/sand to place under your wheels
A brightly colored cloth to use as a flag

Winter Driving Trips

Slow down and adjust your speed to the current road conditions.
Avoid quick braking or acceleration.
Keep your headlights on and your mirrors, windows and lights clear of snow.
Give snow plows plenty of room.
Do not pass other vehicles while driving on bridges.
Always wear your safety belt.

Library Weather Closing Information

If your journey around town during winter weather conditions includes a trip to the Library, check that your branch will be open before you leave. Closing announcements for individal branches or the entire Springfield-Greene County Library District can be found on the Library's social media accounts, website or by calling the Library's weather hotline at 616-0620.



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