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U.S. Route 66

It is known as the Mother Road, America's highway and the country's main street. Established in 1926, U.S. Route 66 continues to hold a place in many hearts today. Whether you wish to see photos of life on that road or read up on its history, there are many books available at the Springfield-Greene County Libraries.  

 Route 66: Images of America's Main Street by William Kaszynski

Route 66 is a fixture of American culture. For the truckers, salesmen and vacationers who have traveled it and for the people who live along it, the road is a reminder of the bygone days of American motoring. Despite time, neglect and progress, Route 66 endures. Almost all of its 2,448 miles are still intact and drivable. Travel from Chicago to Los Angeles and experience Route 66 through this richly illustrated book, with pictures of many of the historic landmarks and longtime businesses that have become roadside institutions to several generations of Route 66 travelers, plus some that are relatively unknown.

  Route 66 Sightings by Jerry McClanahan, Jim Ross and Shellee Graham

"Route 66 Sightings" is a collection of images from the porfolios of nationally known roadside photographers Jerry McClanahan, Jim Ross and Shellee Graham. This coffee table book defines the Route 66 experience, telling the story of the road through six galleries of stunning photographs, each with its own tale to tell. Spanning thirty years, "Sightings" is a culmination of their individual and collective efforts as writers, photographers and advocates of the legendary highway.

 Route 66 Adventure Handbook by Drew Knowles

"Route 66 Adventure Handbook" is your personal guide to the vanishing American roadside, with all of its exuberance, splendor and absurdity...Filled with wonderfully quirky side trips and fun bits of trivia, [this book] is the most authoritative resource for anyone looking to explore the Mother Road. Fasten your seatbelts!


  Haunted Route 66: Ghosts of America's Legendary Highway by Richard Southall

Embrace the spirit of adventure and freedom with an exciting journey of spine-tingling paranormal activity and American history along Route 66. This travel companion transports you from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, exploring over one hundred ghostly hot spots filled with fascinating facts and lingering spirits.


 Postcards from Route 66: The Ultimate Collection from America's Main Street by Joe Sonderman

There is perhaps no better visual record of Route 66's iconic sites than the thousands of illustrated and photographic postcards that have been produced over the years to promote the Mother Road's motels, hotels, tourist traps, trading posts, bustling burgs, greasy spoons and natural wonders. This massive collection gathers together more than 400 of the finest examples of postcard art from Route 66's golden age: the 1930s through the mid-1960s, an era before long-distance car travel was largely supplanted by the airlines.

 Route 66 Encyclopedia by Jim Hinckley

A reference book with a twist, "The Route 66 Encyclopedia" presents alphabetical entries on Route 66 history, landmarks, personalities and culture, from Bobby Troup's anthem "Route 66" to Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath" to the Wigwam Motel. It's illustrated with more than 1,000 old and new, color and black and white photographs and pieces of memorabilia.

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