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Television Firm Files for FCC Permit
Daily News December 4, 1951

"Planning more power than any other station in the country, Springfield Television, Inc., has filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for a construction permit to operate on Channel 3. An overall tower and antenna for the 60,000-watt station, to be situated at 999 West Sunshine, will be the tallest structure in southwest Missouri. The disclosures were made yesterday by Gordon Wardell, manager of the television company, who said that at the present time no TV station in the nation operates with the power planned for Springfield’s first station.

"Shipment of equipment ordered from the Radio Corporation of America is expected to be made immediately after granting of the construction permit. Action on the application by the FCC is expected about April 1. Wardell commented that “we expect to be on the air within six months from the date of the granting of the construction  permit. The FCC has indicated that go-aheads will be given after the first of the year to cities without television and if not impeded by hearings, televising should start here in 1952, Wardell said. Blueprints for the station have been completed by Architect Richard P. Stahl. 

"Setting up of a television station here is developing sooner than was anticipated, it was pointed out. This has been made possible by the National Production Authority’s reclassification of the TV broadcasting industry into the industrial plant, factory or facility group. By this the Springfield company can self-authorize orders for controlled materials up to 25 tons of steel and 2,000 pounds of copper, which will be ample for the needs, Wardell said.

"Live network programs will be offered as soon as possible when the station goes on the air, with a contract to be negotiated as soon as favorable word is received from the FCC. The network will then order through the American Telephone and Telegraph Company a micro-wave relay from Kansas City to “feed” live programs into Springfield. Initial investment, it is estimated, will be around $500,000. [A full] schedule of varied programs is planned. [The] nearest station currently operating on the same channel Springfield has spoken for is in Omaha, Nebraska."

The photograph above is of Beasley Construction Company employees unloading parts for the station's tower in August 1953. This photo and many others can be found online at From the Darkroom

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