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Business Reading and Research

What do you need to succeed in business? Take a look at this list of popular reading, reference materials and local publications, and follow-up by browsing our Guide to Business Research and Databases. 

Popular Business Reading

The $100 Startup
This book takes on 50 case studies of businesses that began with modest investments, examining the key mistakes they encountered and insights that made them successful. Noted as practical and approachable, this book has become a new classic in business reading for its rigorous approach to charting the paths to success.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things
In this title noted entrepreneur and blogger Ben Horowitz attempts to answer the tough questions and prepare his readers for the worst case scenarios. As the saying goes, an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure, this book will prepare you for things to get tough before they do.

Start With Why
Author Simon Sinek brings us back to the fundamentals. He examines great leaders and the traits that made them inspiring, focusing on the attention they paid to the essential question of “why?,” and what his readers can accomplish by making that question apart of their everyday practice.

The One Thing
Deciding where to begin or what to do can be the hardest part of any process. Focus and prioritizing are key, and this book takes on those topics with zeal. Learn to get the most out of the work you put in, and keep up the momentum of accomplishment you need to achieve success.

Lean In: women, work, and the will to lead 
The phrase “lean in” has become essential vocab. for upwardly mobile women in the workplace. This book started it all. Tech exec. Sheryl Sandberg provides first hand experience of and useful tips for striving for success as a woman in a male dominated corporate environment. Anyone that feels like an outsider in business will find something useful here. 

Business Model Generation
Authored in collaboration with business thinkers and industry consultants from around the world, and designed to be a usable and engaging read, this book gets down to the nitty gritty of developing and implementing cutting edge business models. Learn to systematically examine all aspects of your business, and spot and capitalize upon room for innovation.

Reference Materials and Local Publications at the Library
These reference materials and/or ongoing publications can help prepare you for your next business move, or just help you keep-up-to-date on local goings-on. Find these items on the shelves at various branches of the Library.

Business Plan Handbook
This multi-volume guide is housed in our Library Center Branch’s Reference Collection. It presents an extensive and thorough collection of real business plans from throughout North America. Almost every type of business is covered, providing a great starting place when you’re ready to write your own business plan.

Springfield Business Journal
The Springfield Business Journal has been an essential publication for decades. Covering the whole Ozarks region with quality reporting on new and old businesses, trends, relevant legislation, and much more. Find the latest copy on the shelf at every branch of the Library (except for Strafford), and find copies dating back to the 80’s in our Local History Department at the Library Center. Follow the link above and you’ll also find their annual publications like the Book of Facts

Daily Events
This publication isn’t very flashy, but it is packed with useful information, including “court proceedings, real estate transactions, permits, licenses and normal business activity.” (from publisher) Make use of it at all of our Springfield City branches.

Biz 417 magazine
A spinoff of the popular 417 Magazine, Biz 417 is published every other month. It focuses on celebrating and spotlighting local businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs. You’ll also find trend and strategy guides of all kinds, to keep you in-the-loop. Find the latest issue at every branch of the Library.

Additional Resources
You can find useful databases, research guides, and information about our funding and business center, all bundled into one convenient page on our website's Guide to Business Research and Databases. You'll also find a Directory of local non-profits, agencies and organizations on our website.  

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