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Let's just be honest, cats are hands down the best pets. Yes dogs are cute, hamsters smell, and rabbits leave trails of poo so you can always find them. None, however, hold a candle to our intelligent, highly discerning, and aristocrat feline friends. Enjoy these reads on the superiority of cats.


"I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems by Cats," by Francesco Marcuiliano

Cat lovers will laugh out loud at the quirkiness of their feline friends with these insightful and curious poems from the singular minds of housecats. 


"I Could Pee On This, Too: And More Poems by Cats," by Francesco Marcioliano

There's a new cat in town! This feisty sibling of the international bestseller "I Could Pee on This" will be making its own sensational mark in the cat-poetry world.


"Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet," by John Bradshaw

Cats have been popular household pets for thousands of years, and their numbers only continue to rise. Today there are three cats for every dog on the planet, and yet cats remain more mysterious, even to their most adoring owners. Unlike dogs, cats evolved as solitary hunters, and, while many have learned to live alongside humans and even feel affection for us, they still don’t quite get us” the way dogs do, and perhaps they never will. But cats have rich emotional lives that we need to respect and understand if they are to thrive in our company.

"How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You," by Matthew Inman

If your cat is kneading you, that's not a sign of affection. Your cat is actually checking your internal organs for weakness. If your cat brings you a dead animal, this isn't a gift. It's a warning. "How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You" is an offering of cat comics, facts, and instructional guides from the creative wonderland at

"Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World," by Vicki Myron

How much of an impact can an animal have? How many lives can one cat touch? How is it possible for an abandoned kitten to transform a small library, save a classic American town, and eventually become famous around the world? You can't even begin to answer those questions until you hear the charming story of Dewey Readmore Books, the beloved library cat of Spencer, Iowa.

"A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life," by James Bowen

The moving, uplifting true story of an unlikely friendship between a man on the streets and the ginger cat who adopts him and helps him heal his life.


"The World According to Bog: The Further Adventures of One Man and His Streetwise Cat," by James Bowen

James and his street cat Bob have been on a remarkable journey together. In the years since their story ended in the bestselling "A Street Cat Named Bob" James, with Bob's help, has begun to find his way back to the real world. Almost every day, Bob provides moments of intelligence, bravery and humour, at the same time opening his human friend's eyes to important truths about friendship, loyalty, trust - and the meaning of happiness. 





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