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November 5 Special Election

On November 5th, Greene County voters will get to have their say regarding three tax questions.

In Walnut Grove, a school district tax levy will go before the voters for a second time this year. On August 6th of this year, 54% of the votes cast declined a $1.0700 per one hundred dollar of assessed value property tax increase that was slated to address a wide range of renovation, remodeling, and repair improvements across the Walnut Grove R-V School District. The November initiative language is nearly identical to the language from the August ballot.

In Springfield, voters will decide whether or not to continue a couple of existing taxes. The first item on the ballot is a one-eighth of one percent sales tax earmarked for “high-priority transportation improvements.” A Yes vote will push the expiration date of this tax to 2041. A No vote will allow it to expire in March of 2021. The second item on the November ballot lets voters decide if they wish to continue a three-quarters of one percent sales tax for the sole purpose of funding the Police Officers’ and Fire Fighters’ pension system. A Yes vote will extend this tax for five years or until the pensions are fully-funded, whichever comes first. A No vote will allow it to expire in July of 2020. 

Springfield City Council opted to put these issues before the voters this summer.

People wishing to vote in the November election needed to be registered by October 9th. Additionally, voters should be aware of the requirements of Missouri's voter ID law.  A Greene County voter needing to cast an absentee ballot can get more information from the from the County Clerk's office.

View a PDF of the exact ballot language.

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