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Missouri Government Information

Missouri Government Information

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the roles and functions of government. This guide is designed to help you find information on Missouri’s government. Springfield Greene County Library users have free access to the materials and databases listed below. Open sources are provided by the Missouri Government and other non-profit based databases. 

General Missouri Government Information:

The Constitution of the State of Missouri is published by the Office of Secretary of State. It contains all the articles of both the Missouri and United States Constitutions. 

The Missouri Government and Constitution provides an overview of the foundations of government in Missouri along with the history, politics, and progress of the state.

Published every two years, the Official State Manual, also known as the Missouri Blue Book, is the state almanac and official directory of Missouri. The Official Manual provides information on local, state, and federal governments throughout Missouri.

Missouri Branches of Government

Legislative Branch: Consists of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Legislative branch is responsible for creating laws, establishing a state budget, and passing bills on public policy.

  • For the most recent information regarding Missouri legislation, hearings or how to find your legislators, visit either the Missouri Senate or the Missouri House of Representatives websites. 
  • To view state laws or statutes, the Springfield Greene County Library has copies of the Revised Statutes of the state of Missouri, 2016 available at the Library Center and the Midtown Carnegie branches. (in-library use only)
    • All chapters are available to view through the Missouri Revisor of Statutes department website

Executive Branch: Led by the Governor, the Executive Branch implements the laws of the state. Additionally, sixteen departments in the state fall under the executive branch. 

Elected Offices:
                Governor                Lt. Governor                Secretary of State
                State Auditor         State Treasurer            Attorney General

Executive Branch Departments:
Office of Administration                                            Insurance (DCI)
Agriculture                                                                 Labor and Industrial Relations
Conservation                                                             Mental Health
Corrections                                                                Natural Resources
Economic Development                                            Public Safety
Elementary and Secondary Education                     Revenue
Health and Senior Services                                       Social Services
Higher Education                                                       Transportation

Judicial Branch: Responsible for interpreting and upholding the laws. In Missouri, the court system consists of the Missouri Supreme Court, federal courts, and appellate courts. 

  • Find information regarding the Missouri courts, including court forms, pending cases, and additional resources at the Missouri Courts website
  • If you are searching for an active or past court case, will allow you to inquire about case records including docket entries, parties, judgments and charges in public court.
  • For questions about legal definitions, reference Black's law dictionary / Bryan A. Garner. (available for checkout* and in-library use)

Missouri Supreme Court: The Supreme Court of Missouri has been operating as the state's highest ruling court since the Missouri constitution was adopted in 1820. The court acts as the final stop in the state when deciding matters involving the state's constitution and laws.

The Missouri Supreme Court: from Dred Scott to Nancy Cruzan provides historical and background information on the people, conflicts, and controversies throughout Missouri’s legal history. 

For information regarding past Missouri Supreme Court Decisions, Justia is one of the largest online law databases that specialize in the retrieval of legal information at no cost to the user.

Missouri Federal Courts System: Information regarding specific courts, cases, and forms for the two federal court districts are provided in the links below. There is an additional link to help you locate your federal court. 

Contacting Your Local Government: If you live in the Springfield-Greene County area and are interested in contacting your local government the library has a guide available here.

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