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Mysteries: Who Punnit?

It has been said that puns are the lowest form of humor, but one might say it’s high time we elevated some of these literary titles. These mysteries are rife with puns and it would be criminal to miss them. Besides, who doesn’t like a little crime and pun-ishment?


Owls well that ends well / Donna Andrews

Meg Langslow decides it is time to take matters into her own hands when she and her husband purchase an old house that comes as is with decades of "collectibles" inside, and her attempts to get rid of the junk by holding a massive garage sale are put on hold when the body of an antiques dealer is found stuffed in a trunk in the barn.





  A crime of passion fruit / Ellie Alexander

Jules Capshaw is trying to keep her cool as Torte gets set to make its transformation from quaint, local confectionary café to royal pastry palace. Meanwhile, Jules's estranged husband Carlos is making a desperate plea for her to come aboard his cruise ship and dazzle everyone with her signature sweets. She may be skeptical about returning to her former nautical life with Carlos but Jules can't resist an all-expense-paid trip, either. If only she knew that a dead body would find its way onto the itinerary.



Cat Me If You Can / Miranda James 

Charlie and Diesel along with Charlie's fiancée, Helen Louise Brady, are heading to Asheville, North Carolina to spend a week at a boutique hotel and participate in a gathering of a mystery reader's club composed of patrons of the Athena Public Library. In addition to seeing the local sights, the members will take turns giving talks on their favorite authors. 

The always spry Ducote sisters, friends of the hotel's owners, are helping underwrite the expenses, and they've insisted that Charlie, Helen, and Diesel join them. Anxious to get Helen Louise away from her bistro for a vacation, Charlie readily agrees. While Charlie is looking forward to relaxing with Helen Louise and Diesel, other members of the group have ulterior motives including a long-standing score to settle.



Eggsecutive orders / Julie Hyzy

With the White House's big Easter celebration--along with a visit from her family--right around the corner, Olivia Paras has too many eggs in one basket. Add the death of a government official and she's starting to feel more like a basket case...





Assault and pepper / Leslie Budewitz

The Agatha Award-winning author of Crime Rib is proud to introduce Pepper Reece, the owner of the Seattle Spice Shop who thinks she can handle any kind of salty customer-until a murderer ends up in the mix . . .

After leaving a dicey marriage and losing a beloved job in a corporate crash, Pepper Reece has found a new zest for life running a busy spice and tea shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market. Her aromatic creations are the talk of the town, and everyone stops by for a cup of her refreshing spice tea, even other shopkeepers and Market regulars. But when a panhandler named Doc shows up dead on the store's doorstep, a Seattle Spice Shop cup in his hand, the local gossip gets too hot for Pepper to handle-especially after the police arrest one of Pepper's staffers, Tory Finch, for murder.



War and peach / Susan Furlong

Nola Mae Harper is too busy restocking the jars of preserves and chutney flying off the shelves of her shop, Peachy Keen, to keep up with all the gossip about the upcoming mayoral election, but she does know the debate is sure to be a real barn burner.





Laying down the paw / Diane Kelly

When a raging tornado hits Fort Worth, Megan's squad car is flipped over-and her devoted police dog, Brigit, is not amused. But that's not all that's upside-down. The streets are littered with looters-and members of a violent street gang-and no local business is safe. It's time to get back on all fours and see that the job of protecting the public is done.






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