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A Delicious Four-Course Mystery

If you have an appetite for a murder mystery (and some delicious recipes) this book list will satisfy your cravings! Start with a scandalous soup or salad then move on to an alarming appetizer. Enjoy a murderous main course, complete with savory sleuthing. Finally, round out your meal by indulging in a disquieting desert.


Murder with Collard Greens and Hot Sauce by A.L. Herbert
Halia Watkins is used dishing out soul food to hungry customers at her restaurant, Mahalia's Sweet Tea. When a chic hair convention comes to town she can barely keep up with the orders for two things: collard greens... and murder!

Wonton Terror by Vivien Chien
The Asian Night Market starts off with a bang when the Wonton on Wheels food truck catches fire killing one of the owners. Lana Lee doesn't think the explosion was a typical kitchen accident. Murder is on the menu and Lana is bound, by her relationship as a family friend to the victim, to find out who wanted them dead. Can Lana navigate family drama, her romantic life, and this multi-layered mystery?

One Feta in the Grave by Tina Kashian
Lucy manages her family's Mediterranean restaurant, The Kebab Shop on the Jersey Shore. At the end of summer tourist season, she expects customers to die down but instead she finds a dead body! Archie, the town grump, was found belly up underneath the boardwalk. Follow Lucy as she unravels the mystery and shares some of her best recipes.

Nacho Average Murder by Maddie Day
Robbie Jordan was looking forward to returning to her home town, Santa Barbra, to attend her high school reunion. When she arrived she was met with the familiar flavors of Cali-Mex dishes and rumors about her late mother's death. Once ruled as a death by natural causes, Robbie now has reason to believe that her mother's passing was anything but natural.

Murder with Macaroni and Cheese by A.L. Herbert
Some people change a great deal after high school. This was not the case for Halia's former classmate, and high school mean girl, Raynell Rollins. Halia is catering her own high school reunion when blood stains the event and Raynell is murdered. Was a former classmate seeking revenge or has Raynell been keeping secrets in the years since graduation?

The Main Corpse by Diane Mott Davidson
After a hard catering season, Goldy of Goldilocks Catering is more than ready for new jobs. She might have gotten more than she bargained for, however, when she begins cooking for a wealthy new client. High dollar catering comes with high stakes when a man goes missing on the site of a brand new business venture. Is his partner to blame, or where Goldy's fudge bars truly to die for?

The Whole Enchilada by Diane Mott Davidson
Everyone knows that Goldilocks Catering has the best food in town but Goldy herself has gained notoriety as a murder-solving super sleuth. It seems that her reputation proceeds her when her doppelganger is attacked and her best friend is murdered at one of her own catering events! Clearly Goldy is the target.

Killer Kung Pao by Vivien Chien
When Lana Lee witnesses a car crash in the parking lot of her Chinese Restaurant between two of the town's most hot headed women, she knows there will be more to uncover. Amid curses and threats, June Yi and Millie Mao sound like they really want the other to wind up dead. When Millie is electrocuted at the town's beauty salon, Lana wonders if it was really an accident.

Marshmallow Malice by Amanda Flower
As the bridesmaid and baker in Ohio Amish Country's most anticipated wedding of the year, Bailey has a lot to juggle. When a heatwave threatens to melt her beautiful marshmallow cake, the wedding comes to a screeching halt. An uninvited guest with knowledge of the groom's seedy past suddenly drops dead but his passing was no accident. The groom, Reverend Brook, becomes the lead suspect as rumors circulate that he murdered in cold blood to keep his secrets under wraps.

Double Fudge Brownie Murder by Joanne Fluke
Hannah Swensen's life is a mess as hot as freshly baked brownies. Caught in an impossible love triangle, Hannah flees to Las Vegas to attend her mother's surprise wedding. But when she returns she has to face a court date as a result of a car accident. The gavel has fallen but it seems to have bludgeoned the judge! Hannah and her friends set out to find the killer while Hannah deals with her sticky love life. Recipes galore can be found in this delectably murderous book!


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