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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic American Heritage Month, when we honor and celebrate the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society. One great way to celebrate the season is to read one of these new books by Latinx authors!


App Kid: How a Child of Immigrants Grabbed a Piece of the American Dream by Michael Sayman
A memoir from one of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, who taught himself how to code as a thirteen-year-old and claimed his share of the American Dream.

Dominicana by Angie Cruz
Draws on the author's mother's story in a tale set in a turbulent 1960s Dominican Republic, where a young teen agrees to marry a man twice her age to help her family's immigration to America.

For Brown Girls With Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts : A Love Letter to Women of Color by Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez
For generations, Brown girls have had to push against powerful forces of sexism, racism, and classism, often feeling alone in the struggle. By founding Latina Rebels, Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodríguez has created a community to help women fight together. In For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts, she offers wisdom and a liberating path forward for all women of color.

Hurricane Season by Fernanda Melchor
Inspired by a real event of the murder of a woman in rural Mexico, Hurricane Season takes place in a world filled with superstitions and violence that poisons everything around.

Martita, I Remember You by Sandra Cisneros
A Chicago woman discovers old letters from a long-lost friend she'd met as a young adult in Paris, leading her to recall friendships forged in the yearning days of her youth.

My Broken Language: A Memoir by Quiara Alegría Hudes
A Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright shares her lyrical coming-of-age story against a backdrop of her devastated barrio home and the idiosyncratic, troubled and fiercely loving Puerto Rican family that inspired her literary voice.

Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia
A sweeping, masterful debut about a daughter's fateful choice, a mother motivated by her own past, and a family legacy that begins in Cuba before either of them were born.

Speculative Fiction for Dreamers: A Latinx Anthology by .
A collection of speculative works, including short stories, poems, plays, and graphic short stories that address the breadth of Latinx experiences and identities, including those of DREAMers.

The Dangers of Smoking in Bed: Stories by Mariana Enriquez
Written against the backdrop of contemporary Argentina, and with resounding tenderness towards those in pain, in fear, and in limbo, this new collection from one of Argentina's most exciting writers finds Enriquez at her most sophisticated, and most chilling.

The Worst Best Man : A Novel by Mia Sosa
A wedding planner left at the altar? Yeah, the irony isn't lost on Carolina Santos, either. But despite that embarrassing blip from her past, Lina's offered an opportunity that could change her life. There's just one hitch: she has to collaborate with the best (make that worst) man from her own failed nuptials.

Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories by Mariana Enriquez
A U.S. release of an anthology of stories by a debut writer from Buenos Aires explores macabre dimensions of life in contemporary Argentina, from women who set themselves on fire to protest domestic violence to a 9-year-old serial killer who acts out in gruesome ways in her classroom.

Thirty Talks Weird Love by Alessandra Narváez Varela
In Ciudad Juarez, Mexico in 1999, where kidnapping of girls and women is common, a woman approaches thirteen-year-old Anamaria claiming to be her future self, offering advice and requesting help.

This Fierce Blood by Malia Márquez
Rich in historical and cultural detail, this multicultural saga that follows three generations of women in the Sylte family combines magical realism with themes of maternal ancestral inheritance, and also explores the ways Hispano/Indigenous traditions both conflicted and wove together, shaping the distinctive character of the American Southwest.

Velvet Was the Night by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
In 1970s Mexico City, Maite, a secretary with a penchant for romance novels, searches for her missing neighbor, Leonora, a beautiful art student, which leads her to an eccentric gangster who longs to escape his own life, and together, they set out to discover the dangerous truth.

Wild Tongues Can't Be Tamed: 15 Voices From the Latinx Diaspora by Various authors
Bestselling and award-winning authors as well as up-and-coming voices interrogate the different myths and stereotypes about the Latinx diaspora. These fifteen original pieces delve into everything from ghost stories and superheroes, to memories in the kitchen and travels around the world, to addiction and grief, to identity and anti-Blackness, to finding love and speaking your truth.


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