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Jewish American Heritage Month

In May, we honor and celebrate Jewish Americans for their contributions and accomplishments. It is a perfect time to highlight Jewish Americans of the literary world. This is a diverse collection of fiction featuring Jewish characters. Check one out and celebrate National Jewish American Heritage Month!


All My Mother's Lovers : A Novel by Ilana Masad
Shattered by revelations about the recently deceased mother who never entirely accepted her sexuality, a gay woman tracks down the men in her mother's hidden second life while coming to terms with new understandings about monogamy.

Florence Adler Swims Forever by Rachel Beanland
Renting out their 1934 Atlantic City home and crowding into the apartment above their bakery with their daughters and a mysterious émigré, a family constructs an elaborate web of lies to cover up a devastating tragedy.

Here I Am by Jonathan Safran Foer
A tale told over four tumultuous weeks in present-day Washington, D.C. traces the fracturing of a family in crisis when the three sons of Jacob and Julia confront the paradoxes between the lives they think they want and the lives they are actually living.

Loss of Memory Is Only Temporary : Stories by Johanna Kaplan
A collection that includes both early and later stories follows an unforgettable cast of characters that are captured in all of their forceful presence and singularity, their foolishness and wisdom, and their venality and nobility.

Morningside Heights by Joshua Henkin
Marrying a prestigious Shakespeare professor after moving to 1976 New York, a Yale graduate navigates feelings for another man, the reappearance of her ailing husband's estranged son and her own feelings of unfulfillment in the ensuing decades.

Shmutz by Felicia Berliner
In this witty, provocative, and unputdownable debut novel a young Hasidic woman on a quest to get married fears she will never find a groom because of her secret addiction to porn.

Something Wild : A Novel by Hanna Halperin
Something Wild is a magnetic, unflinching portrait of the bond between sisters, as well as a psychologically acute exploration of the legacy of divorce, the ways trauma reverberates over generations, and how it might be possible to overcome the past.

The Floating Feldmans by Elyssa Friedland
Organizing a family reunion cruise for her 70th birthday in the hopes of resolving long estrangements, Annette reveals difficult secrets that challenge long-held perceptions about the more troublesome members of her clan.

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin
Sneaking out to get readings from a traveling psychic reputed to be able to tell customers when they will die, four adolescent siblings from New York City's 1969 Lower East Side hide what they learn from each other before embarking on five decades of respective experiences shaped by their determination to control fate.

The Orchard : A Novel by David Hopen
A commanding debut and a poignant coming-of-age story about a devout Jewish high school student whose plunge into the secularized world threatens everything he knows of himself.

The Two-Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman
Two women, sisters by marriage who share a two-family brownstone in Brooklyn in the 1950s, form a strong bond when they each give birth minutes apart on the same night, but as the years pass, a deeply buried family secret causes their friendship to unravel.

Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon
A TV meteorologist and a sports reporter scheme to reunite their divorced bosses with unforecasted results in this charming romantic comedy from the author of The Ex Talk.


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