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Quotes on how learning a language can “widen your world” are a dime a dozen, but the fact still stands that learning even a little of a new language can be a fun and useful activity. Over 7,000 languages are spoken in the world today, and while we cannot keep books on all of them, here are some books we do have for starting your language learning adventure! Some books are part of a series including multiple languages, like the 50 Coffee Breaks books, or the 15 Minute series. Explore to see if your target language can be found in another series!



American Sign Language Dictionary for Beginners : A Visual Guide With 800+ ASL Signs by Tara Adams
Whatever your reason for learning the richly expressive language of American Sign Language (ASL), this book will guide you through the initial stages of your signing journey. It's filled with everything you need to master more than 800 essential vocabulary words, including detailed directions that make it simple to develop your ASL skills.

15-Minute Arabic : Learn in Just 12 Weeks by Marion Sarhaan
Learn Arabic in just 15 minutes a day with this revolutionary language learning system, now with an accompanying free app that is available in the App Store and Google Play. Practicing your language skills is quick, easy, and fun with 15-Minute Arabic. Perfect your pronunciation by listening to native speakers, and learn from real-life examples that cover every holiday and business situation. Each full-color course book has themed chapters and common everyday scenarios, a menu guide, and translation dictionaries.

English for Everyone. Illustrated English Dictionary by Thomas Booth
Building on the success of the English for Everyone program and DK's Bilingual Visual Dictionary series, English for Everyone: Illustrated English Dictionary uses crystal-clear illustrations to show the meaning of over 10,000 words of English vocabulary. The words are shown in a visual context in themed sections covering practical or everyday topics (such as shopping, food, or study), providing learners with all the vocabulary they need for work, travel, and leisure.

French on the Go. by Barron's
This updated compact disc program emphasizes French speaking and listening comprehension on a fundamental level, which makes it an ideal self-teaching tool for learning in a car, international travelers, as well as good supplementary material in school language labs. On the Go programs, available in several languages, each offer approximately 180 minutes of audio instruction. They come with a script booklet. No textbook is needed for these informal and practical language learning programs.

Learn German for Beginners. by Pro Language Learning
Learning German in your car has never been easier! Have fun whilst learning! Fantastic exercises for accurate pronunciation, commonly used phrases, and vocabulary!

50 Italian Coffee Breaks : Short Activities to Improve Your Italian One Cup at a Time by Teach Yourself
Create a new ritual with 50 Italian Coffee Breaks and improve your Italian on a regular basis in a fun and relaxed way, in the time you have -- from a 5-minute espresso to a 15-minute latte.

Japanese Made Easy : A Situation-Based Guide Designed to Get You Speaking Simple Japanese From the Very First Day by Tazuko Ajiro Monane
Japanese Made Easy is a complete self-study guide that allows readers to begin using simple, everyday Japanese vocabulary and sentences from the first day! In this completely revised edition, vocabulary and sentences are shown in Japanese script, as well as romanized Japanese and English. This book includes many new dialogues, cultural notes, illustrations and updated vocabulary.

Learning Korean : Learn to Speak, Read and Write Korean Quickly! : A Language Guide for Beginners by Julie Damron
Learning Korean teaches you the basics of the Korean language, including practical daily conversations and vocabulary, and enables you to begin communicating effectively right away. All Korean words and sentences are given in Korean Hangeul script and romanized form for easy pronunciation, with English translations.

Portuguese in 3 Months : Your Essential Guide to Understanding and Speaking Portuguese by Maria Fernanda Allen
Everything you need to understand and speak Portuguese. Free audio app helps you perfect your pronunciation by imitating native speakers. Builds vocabulary through word lists, key phrases, and model sentences. Explains essential grammar. Develops conversation through exercises based on real-life scenarios.

Short Stories in Russian for Beginners : Read for Pleasure at Your Level and Learn Russian the Fun Way by Olly Richards
A collection of eight unconventional and capivating short stories, carefully written to provide a sense of achievement and feeling of progress when reading, these stories will help expand your vocabulary and improve your comprehension in a natural way. From science fiction and fantasy to crime and thrillers, this book is designed to make learning a new language easy and enjoyable.

Spanish for the Rest of Us by William C Harvey
You will learn Spanish, not by memorizing boring grammar rules, but by focusing on everyday, practical language. Whether you need to communicate wtih Spanish-speakers at work, in social situations, or on your travels, Spanish for the Rest of Us is the quick and easy way to understand and make yourself understoon in Spanish.


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