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Kids Antsy? Try These Simple Crafts to Ease Your Holidays

A good book is one way to help kids enjoy their time off -- and provide a "silent night" for parents. We've also got books for busy hands and rich imaginations. You can round up many of these kid craft items from things you have at home. Another tip: If you're traveling to visit family elsewhere, pack up a simple craft box with glue, fabric scraps, rocks, paints and other items so the kids have an outlet for those "down" times. 

Hannah's booklist includes lots of ideas for kids and families. One of the featured books is "Art Sparks: Draw, Paint, Make, and Get Creative with 53 Amazing Projects," by Marion Abrams.

Here's a snippet of what's inside: "Using basic art supplies -- from paint, markers, paper, and glue, to household finds like cardboard boxes and fabric scraps -- children age 6 and up learn that as long as they can imagine it, they can create it." This collection of 53 arts and crafts activities ranges from Doodlemonsters and Painted Animal Rocks to Paper Bead Jewelry and Nature Weaving. Projects are geared for a wide variety of ages and can be completed in under an hour. "Each project featured in the book has been kid-made (and kid-approved!), and colorful photos of the finished pieces will ignite a creative spark that inspires budding makers to express their imagination, humor, and individuality through art." 

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